Understanding the Social Media Landscape

Struggling to keep on top of how best to market in the constantly shifting social media landscape? BlogHer Inc. recently published our fifth annual study of women and social media, conducted with Vision Critical, a market research and analysis firm. The results provide marketers who seek to grow audiences of women online a key window into the opinions and purchase behavior of women who use blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social tools....more
What is social media? I don't know- I know that when i take it out of my life i seem to enjoy ...more

BlogHer-to-Her Marketing For Your Brand

How does BlogHer engage our mass audience with your brand? By activating the power of our community. Contact us to learn how we can tailor opportunities to unleash authentic engagement that connects brands with social media leaders and their growing communities. ...more
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Going Green: Green Gifts for your BFF

With the holidays starting this week, the mad rush to get those last minute presents begins. Making a list and checking it thrice to make sure you have gifts for everyone naughty and nice. Especially those who have loved you all year long regardless of how busy you have been. Those who wait patiently until you come home and then welcome you with loving kisses. Those who don’t care if you have brushed your teeth before they snug you and those who jump to bring you your slippers. ...more

Green Stocking Stuffers: From Small Green Companies

Whose eyes don’t light up at the sight of a stuffed stocking on Christmas morning? So this year, why not power that delight with green, eco-friendly gifts that are sure to bring smiles of glee. There are many small green items from small eco-business that need our support this holiday season. I’ll play Santa and suggest my Green stocking stuffer list for all ages:   ...more

Green Holiday Gifts for Babies, Kids and Teens: All from Small Eco-Businesses

As a savvy auntie, I feel especially qualified to cover this topic. Never a mom but nine times an aunt and even more times a FONM (friend of a New Mom), I’ve shopped for babies, kids and teens more often than I can remember. I know how hard it is to find just the right thing – not too scratchy, not too babyish, “in-the-know” and trendy but not trying too hard…So I’ve decided that this holiday season, the right thing is the green thing. ...more

What She Really Wants: Green Holiday Gifts for Gals from Small Green Businesses

Whether it is already on her wish list or not, what woman doesn’t want a gift that keeps giving back to her family, her community, her planet and herself? ...more

Eco-Holiday Gifts for Men: Supporting Small Green Businesses

This holiday you have the choice to support economically-challenged green small businesses as you select holiday gifts for the special men in your life. ...more

Eco-Holiday Prep: Supporting Small Green Businesses

As discussed in “Buycotting the Holidays”, this holiday you have the choice to support economically-challenged green small businesses as you prepare for the holidays. With predictions of a poor retail season, small companies who have devoted themselves to being environmentally friendly are at great risk. ...more

Oh right.  Season of giving.  Not getting.  Heh.

These are great ideas- some familiar ...more

Buycotting the Holidays

For many years, I’ve heard the same refrain: “This year, I’m going to cut back on my holiday shopping”. And yet this year, I think people really mean it. Our poor global economy, U.S. recession, high unemployment rates and bleak immediate economic outlook all contribute to increased spending scrutiny. ...more

I swear I am cutting back this year. I swear. And I'm interested in the organic hostess gifts. ...more

Day of Detox

Last week I blogged about how last Saturday night I made one poor, toxic meal choice, fell off the organic wagon and my body really suffered. So last Sunday was my Day of Detox where I tried several treatments to get back on track. ...more