Walking the Walk and Building the Buildings

While I struggle to live one green life, this summer I met Marilyn Farmer who designs greener live ...more

China's eco-policies are greener than ours

This weekend while we're all focused on the Republican convention at one end of the Mississippi and Gustrav on the other, China eclipsed the US by setting a national energy policy that deserves another Gold metal. Last year they nixed 13 coal fired plants now this: ...more

Plant a garden. Save some money. Grow a kid.

I lost Victoria, my mentee, to a foster home this week. Well... I didn't really lose her, but she has moved out of the teen shelter where we gardened together for the past couple of years. Today (for the first time) she woke up in a home with a real backyard. She's over the top happy - Aiden has other kids his age to hang with and Starbucks, her lifeline, is just around the corner. ...more

Love to compare notes as well. With gardening the plot always thickens...more

Viva la Green Revolution

For over 20 years, my husband has worked for defense contractors which has left him a bit jaded and questioning any "authority." Five years ago he announced to me that he no longer votes saying, "Why should I give my decision making power over to idiots"? He then added, "It's time for people to grab their pitchforks, file down the tines and head to the streets." ...more

Agreed, you have to do both and voting takes so little time in comparison.


Did Wall-Es message hit a wall?

I finally saw Wall E - loved it. The animation alone was worth the ticket to the big screen, and the love story softened the bigger message that we're trashing out the world. My question is, did it soften the message too much? If you saw Wall-E were you re-engaged to change your buying habits or not? Are you looking at what you do buy differently? Do you want less packaging or more durable products or less toxic ones? Are you simplifying your life and making due with less? Or, do you believe that no matter what you do the problem is too big? ...more

Where are the Women BlogHers? In Ad Age!

Congratulations Jory, Lisa, and Elisa for capturing the attention of Ad Age. For those who don't live in the marketing world, Ad Age is the defacto publication for marketers. Note the first line "...for women at least, and for marketers courting them..." ...more

Nice write up......



Six Reasons Why Women will Love the SMaRT Standard

Virginia's post set off a bell for me. I always read her thoughtful posts. She has inspired me to post a more serious item as well. ...more

Good Tube brings One Heart forward

It must be spring, I had a new niece born into the family last night, Piper Mae Hunt, she's absolutely perfect. We are so lucky to have hospitals and clean conditions. That really hit home a few minutes ago when I received an email from my friends at Good Tube.org with links to Maternal Health care in Tibet.  Since Good Tube is celebrating Women's Health this month, Elle sent me the story about One Heart, which has improved the maternal health and survival rate of Tibetan mothers.  One Heart has brought down the maternal death rate by 67%. ...more

The Water Bottle War of the Word of Mouth

This weekend, CBS Sunday morning featured the water shortage that will be happening in 5 years for Southern California. Las Vegas will also be hit hard not only with lack of water, but lack of hydro power which keeps the lights on at night. I completely forgot about that little issue - no water, no power coming from the Hoover Dam. Lake Mead is already 60 feet lower than it once was. ...more

Good Tube is Accepting Non-Profit Videos

If you have a non-profit that you want to give free exposure to, load up the video on www.GoodTube.org. It's free. I just checked it for the eco-groups and only found one so far. Ironically, it's the ONE I visited two days ago, TreePeople.org. They didn't tell me that they were on GoodTube. What's cool is now I can send out the invitation to the event we're holding there in June and also link the invite to this video.         ...more