Paul Newman On My Mind

This morning I woke to the news that Paul Newman succumbed to cancer. For several months, whenever I stood in line at grocery check out counters, I read about his final days at home in Stamford, Connecticut, with Joanne Woodward, his wife of over 40 years. In photos, he looked really old and really sick, yet still handsome. ...more

I have loved Paul Newman for the appropriate use of "fewer" as well :) Thanks for this wonderful ...more

They Loved You Tonight, Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin, you delivered the speech that they wrote for you in fine form, pointing your finger time and again just like Hillary used to, but I bet that the media won't call you on that pointing finger. After all, you are a ...more

My Heart Is Still With Hillary

Hillary Rodham Clinton, you broke my heart on Tuesday night. When you spoke at the Democratic National Convention, I wept. There you were, radiant and more than ready to be our president. You rose above what must be tremendous disappointment to become a statesperson, delivering the speech of your lifetime. As I listened, I wondered just how many Americans were slack jawed, regretting earlier decisions, votes cast. How many said to themselves, "We could have had Hillary Clinton as our next president. What were we thinking?" ...more