A Note from the Nutritionist

St. Francis Assisi

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Worth repeating after the Thanksgiving weekend

Kindergarteners need to do more????

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Another Valentine's Day

Somebody tell me why I have to make Valentine cards for my kids when I'm exhausted from running them around all day? Please really. I know I'll feel like crap after I send my pre-schooler off  w/o Valentine's cards or sweet things to pass out to her adorable yet snotty nosed friends tomorrow. I KNOW!!! Again, I ask all of you... WHY? WHY do we (or I) perpetuate this Martha Stewart-esque bar of crafty excellence????? ...more

Hearts all around

Saturday is valentine's Day and I'm preparing by making cookies and cakes for 2 reasons. First, I have to pack 3 lunches for my children each day and I want to give them a little something extra to remind them of this sweet holiday and how much I love them. Next I am planning a cocktail party on Saturday for adults only. I am making it a cocktails and chocolate themed party and planning on serving those cakes I mentioned earlier along with other chocolate flavored fingerfoods. Romantic, indulgent and sweet. ...more

Bad mama

I'm driving back from one drop off and on my way to another this morning when my mom calls in. Hands-free, I answer the phone. My end of the conversation goes as follows: I just dropped off and now heading back home. Well she woke up at 3 AM w/ a 102 temp and had a little diarrhea. I checked her ears and nose for an infection so no it's not sinucitis. She feels pretty good after I give her Tylonal so no I'm not going to take her to the doctors yet. No, not yet.  ...more

This sounds like pretty much any and every conversation I have with my grandmother.  Mom seems ...more