One-In-A-Million Mom Serves Ice Cream

One in a Million Mom Serves Ice Cream. Ice cream Causes Coma.  Butter Could Cause Death.  Carbohydrates A Good Source of Glucose! No, these are not headlines for the latest fad diet.  These are critical pieces of evidence, facts of the rare disorder community that alienate my sons (and other rare children) from the rest of the world. ...more

Dedicated to Rose

Dedicated to Rose. I had no idea what I would walk in and see. All I knew was that this client needed a home health aid who was professional and trained.  The family was exhausted caring for Rose, their mom, their wife, their sister, and was also tired of telling other hired help what was needed. For 3 hours – finally, they could get respite.  They could regroup, have a minute of solace, and prepare themselves for their next 21 hours of service. Caring for an ALS person is a 24 hour job....more