Is This Your Husband?

That’s right, recently someone’s wife made a very public declaration about a certain someone (her husband) doing whatever he wanted, wherever he wanted that she apparently didn’t like…at all! We know this because she lopped off his junk (slang for penis) then ground it into a pulp. Yeeewouch.
 I think I used to be funnier than I am now. I’m not sure if that’s true but it feels true. And I am not exactly sure what happened or when, but it might have something to do with the fact that it’s scarier now to be decidedly anything…out loud....more

If You Came With a Warning Label, What Would It Say?

The other day I was at a pharmacy deliberating, of all things, which panty liner I should buy. I know, TMI, but while perusing the fifty million choices I had—wings/no strings/glide/long/short/tall/wide/double-wide, etc.—I spied a CAUTION label on the back of one of the boxes. Wow, I thought. I looked right and left, hoping no one saw me spending way…way too much time contemplating feminine hygiene products (sadly, I still suffer from FHPPS: Feminine Hygiene Product Purchase Shame). Whatever… really, if I can’t buy a pad in peace then what has this world come to? Back to the CAUTION label....more

I Am Nature

    I am a seeker of truth and despite taking the “scenic route” towards truth, it had never occurred to me; I am nature. Over the years and thanks to many masters and teachers I have had a series of profound, life-altering realizations including: I am no-one, (despite my ego’s continuous efforts to convince me otherwise) and that I am no-thing, (which continues to offer an accessible sense of peace)....more

It's In the Cards

Ericka wrote to Ask Maryanne: I have two questions. 1) My husband and I are moving to California to start a business. Do you see this being a positive move towards our goal? 2) Lately I have had the feeling that I need to discover myself, like there's more to me. What does this feeling mean?

500 Words

500 Words: “If today were my last day on Earth and I could share 500 words of brilliance with the world, here are the important things I'd want to pass along to others…The first thing I would share would be to stop at nothing to know the truth. Particularly know the truth about who you are, your relationship to the Divine, real love, life purpose, what you respect, how you treat yourself, and what you stand for. ...more

Men Who Wear Wigs

When I was a kid I figured Nature was basically a guy thing, the same way I supposed wearing wigs, for example, was primarily a girl thing. That’s probably because when I was growing up it was men who did things like: hunt, spear, shoot, capture and in some cases kill while the females stayed let’s say, nearer to the hearth (or shopping mall)....more

About Face!

We are reminded that “a face has launched a thousand ships,” according to Christopher Marlowe referring to Helen in Homer’s Odyssey. Yet what most of us forget is that Helen was 12 years old! What child isn’t precious and beautiful (and certainly worth sending out a rescue mission for) at age 12? No disrespect, but I would have launched a similar mission had my son been kidnapped, regardless of what his face looked like....more

What to do when confronted by "The Pink Elephant"

Every now and again you come across a situation in your life that blows your hair back, your skirt up or...just blows. For example: you find out the person you're seriously considering spending the rest of your life with isn't interested in a long term relationship with you.  Or you discover one evening, quite by accident, that your husband prefers blondes...who are hung like a horse....more

What do sex and money have in common?

1) Money makes you more of who you are: meaning, whatever your money issues or beliefs are, you bring them with you into your relationships. It’s almost always the case that whatever values and beliefs you have about money, you will die with—unless you’re willing to do the work and get to the root of them and make some changes! You can start by not pointing the finger at your partner, and taking a look at what your bottom line is about finances. Do you believe that there is enough money for everyone on the planet?...more

When Opposites Attract

Remember the days of that sizzling hot/heart-thumping/I’ve never felt this way before/best sex you’ve ever had in your life/can’t eat, can’t sleep, “can’t live without” relationship that you had? Census bureau says it probably turned into a baby, or two...or three. And that, like it or not, is biologically speaking the foremost reason you felt all of that off-the-hook, head-over-heels/knock-your-lights-out chemistry....more

So true! I am in the midst of ending one of these relationships. My husband and I have been ...more