Never Trust a Fart - and 21 Things You Need to Know at Midlife

Get a bra fitting - be amazed and fascinated at what your true size is! Believe me, I thought I was in the 34's until recently. Denial is a river in Egypt.2. Get a brow job and makeover- Sephora is your new best friend....more
This made me laugh out loud - and you're right on all points!  My heated seats are my best ...more

Welcome to EATcolypse 2014!


An Open Letter To...

Lately, everybody and their underwear have been writing open letters to folks out there who are primarily a celebrity or in the public eye for some action or remark or whatever that we hear about on the interwebs.It's a fairly easy way for bloggers to get numbers on their sites. Especially if it's done the same time as the purported event, or action that they did that pissed people off.I wonder if they REALLY read them. Or even care about them. Or does their publicist read them then send the ones they like on, or make damn sure they DON'T read them....more

How Preparing for The Prom and Going to Disney are Alike...

Oh, you think that when they are teenagers that your Disney Days are over.Just wait until Prom season heats up. Then you’ll think that those Disney trips were pretty freekin’ easy.It’s part Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Animal Kingdom, and the Aerosmith Rockin’ Roller Coaster all rolled in to one day. Or month. Let me explain....more