Have Millennial Women Moved Beyond Feminism? By Barbara Bylenga and Marya Stark

Talking to a Millennial (ages 15-29) about feminism is like talking to an Alaskan about heatstroke.  They’ve heard of it, sure, and what they’ve heard sounds pretty unpleasant—but it’s not a part of their world.  Not at all.  Maya, a 20-year-old woman living in New York, rolled her eyes when asked in a market research interview how she felt about women’s issues.  “Oh, I’m no feminist,” she said.  ...more

I have an 18 year old who came to feminism late (in my opinion) but at least she got there! Her ...more

Endorsing An Amazing Woman Democrat: Sophie Hahn

A huge thank you to Delaine Eastin, formerly the California State Superintendent of Public Instruction, for endorsing Sophie Hahn.  Sophie is running for the Berkeley City Council against an incumbent who is a machine insider and unknown by residents.  Sophie is a true superstar and seeks to raise the bar of excellence in her community.  She is a Stanford trained attorney, former small bus ...more

Well, Sophie, I’m glad you’re not posting “as fact” your report that Laurie Capitelli’s “own ...more

Top Tips to Political Conventioneering and World Class Schnoring

I made a very last minute decision to go to Denver last week for the Democratic convention and had exactly zero tickets to anything. I quickly discovered these tips. 1. Prepare to invest a good part of your time basking around for tickets to glamorous parties, VIP upgrades, and credentials for the evening speeches. Conventions provide an opportunity to practice speed-patronage, hoarding, back-scratching, and schnoring. 2. Bring extra batteries for your cell phone. You will blaze through your battery with furious texting. ...more

Seemed to me like you had it down pat.  Glad you got into where you wanted to go.  These are ...more

Republicans Palin(g) in Comparison in Women’s Leadership

McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin does nothing to reduce the vast and growing gap between the Republican and Democratic Party’s achievement in women’s political  leadership.    The numbers speak for themselves: ...more

I hope he does appoint more women to senior administration positions, but still, only if they ...more