Justin Bieber in the Recycle Bin

By Mary HillMy daugher asked for a new poster for her room for her birthday. She already had a poster of Justin Bieber over her keyboard. I figured she would just add the poster of her new favorites to her room.  I found this, however, the other day. ...more

What I Would Change About Myself

It is a Wednesday evening and I hear a train in the background, dogs barking, and I am sitting on my couch as part of our dinner cooks on the stove in the kitchen. My daughter is making bracelets out of colored rubber bands using a loom she got for her birthday.  Pinks, blues, and greens, black swirl together into types of bracelets that I have never heard of : fishtail bracelets. She wants to make a zippy chain bracelet but needs to get her friends to help her....more

Prayers for Peace, Love, and Victims Abound this Week

A to Z in the News -- May our Prayers Bring God's Quiet and Love By Mary Hill...more

M is for Memorial, N is for New, and O is For Overcome

By Mary Hill...more

Knowledge is Real Power

By Mary Hill...more

Budget Battles Continue -- The Losers are Women if our Government Continues to Refuse to Work for Us and our Children

By Mary HillIf you are a mom with disabled children or children attending Title One public schools the arguments over the sequester and the upcoming 2014 fiscal year budget debates will impact you....more

Poetry Month and the A to Z April Blogging Challenge

By Mary HillHi, we are still taking a creative romp through the Poetic Alphabet at Mary-andering Creatively.  Today is the letter C.  Do you know what a Clerihew is?  If you  home school, this could be a great activity for you to do with your children today. Write a Clerihew.To find out more read my blog at http://mary-anderingcreatively.blogspot.com/ .So far this week I have covered poems using assonance on Monday and ballads and poems about beasts on Tuesday....more
I once new a blogger her job was funner than a loggers I love to Clerihew want to try and create ...more

A New Month of Fresh Challenges

By Mary Hill...more

Taking Risks Challenge Ends, but What Next?

By Mary HillMarch is blowing away into the spring of April, and with spring comes renewal and new quests. I really enjoyed taking risks this month. Monday, I embark on another, bigger risk. I plan to join the "Blogging from A to Z April Challenge."I will attempt to write entries for both my blogs:  ...more

Pain and Decisions

Mary HillRambam said, "The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision." Would you rather be in a state of indecision or accepting the consequences of a wrong decision?Decisions, decisions.  I am sometimes scared to make them.  I guess this is human.  We all come up against a decision and don't know which way to go.  Decisions are even harder for me.  I suffer from arthritis and depression caused by pain; so, decisions look like this big wall....more