Pudding in a Cup....

Clearly, I’m job searching.  I’m currently employed however it’s a contract position and the end of the contract is looming before me like the wide-open hungry mouth of the shark in “Jaws”.   I have been, like a zillion other folks I’m sure, trying to ‘clean up’ my resume and ‘network’ to build my chances at landing that next job!  Somewhere along the line I must have inadvertently clicked something indicating I’d like a “free re...more

I got the same letter (except for the position title) and my feelings were the same as ...more

My Friend Penelope

My friend Penelope.... I sent my friend Penelope my website link the other night. I told her about being surprised at seeing web books and job search articles mentioning getting a website and creating a 'web presence'. I told her how I felt about it. I told her how it so surprised me to hear “get a Facebook account”....and “if you don't have a website, why not?” and on and on about how awkward it feels to be writing websites about yourself....more

Sally Fields and Me

I was writing an email to my sister, and I said for the umpteenth time "I'm fine, I'm fine, really I'm fine" and it dawned on me that inside I was anything but fine.  I remembered very clearly watching Sally Field in one of the last few scenes of "Steel Magnolias" standing in the cemetery yelling that she was fine....more

When did my age and experience become a liability?

This is the question I've been asking myself since the other night while reading an article linked to one one of my associate's websites. The writer was giving advice on job searching in "todays' economy" (already a pretty depressing topic) and suggested that anyone over the age of 40 should be worried about taking ten years off their "image" because they can't take ten years off their age....more