nutty dark chocolate oatmeal cookies

Preface - these cookies have butter and sugar.... and chocolate....more

pesto panini with avocado, artichoke, and arugula

I worked really hard to edit down my kitchenware before our big downsize move. I am still proud of myself for successfully simplfying down to closet kitchen size. It wasn't easy deciding between this oversized crock-pot or that dutch oven (dutch oven made it, no such luck for the crockpot) ....more

why my meals are getting a simple makeover

We've been here at Stanford now for 2 weeks! I just keep looking at all the green trees- my definition of a beautiful place. I really missed the green in Arizona ....more

introducing HENRY MACK

It's only been about 15 months in the works, but the day is finally here.......more

4 summer salads

I am ready. Ready to move in and stop living out of a suitcase. I can't wait to unpack my kitchen and make some of my favorite meals ....more

Channel 2 TV segment

I had a great time appearing on Salt Lake City's local KUTV Channel 2. I interviewed on their Fresh Living segment for a couple of minutes to discuss eating greener! What do you think? ...more

how green smoothies may improve your health

Green smoothies have been keeping me going this crazy summer of living out of a suitcase and house hoping. They are perfectly refreshing in this July Utah heat. Below are a few reason to enjoy a cold green one yourself.. ....more

garden-fresh pineapple peach smoothie

I am having so much fun making green smoothies while staying at my parent's house. My mom has a thriving garden of greens, herbs, and lettuces. Every morning I have gotten my bowl and shears and headed to the garden ....more

5 cookbooks worth keeping

Hello dear friends.  Happy start of summer (which doesn’t officially start until June 21, but school is out and it’s 100 degrees here so I’m going with it).  ...more