#31 on Kindle/Fiction/Literary Fiction! 'Unburying Hope'

My Debut Novel ‘Unburying Hope’ tells the story of a returning Iraq War vet romancing a young woman who is in love with the resilience of Detroit, through their move together to the warmth of Maui.It's about a beloved city, Detroit, that has fallen into 'ruin porn', a young Iraq War vet carrying the wound of war on his skull, a young woman who wants to take chances in her life and how broken systems impact their options. ...more

British Petroleum Apparently Owns American Beaches, and you thought America was a Sovereign Nation

Its bad enough that British Petroleum’s CEO said his massive, endless gushing spill was only a tiny blip in a huge ocean…...more

I have no words.

Great write-up--thank you.



Congressman Souder's AFFAIR with PART TIME worker

OOk, by now you know that the 'family values', 'abstinence only', 'marriage is between a man and a woman' Republican Congressman Mark Souder from Indiana is resigning for having an affair with a staffer, but did you know she was 'PART TIME'?...more

Zuckerberg’s Immaturity and Inexperience Hurt Facebook on Privacy Issues

Look, I completely believe that this generation of kids has their finger on the pulse of the massive change needed to bring us to a more humane, connected, responsible world.  I give a LOT of leeway to young thinkers, precisely BECAUS...more

Kindles aren’t Bricks: Amazon’s next Kindle update will include access to Facebook and Twitter, Google and Wikipedia.

Apple has sold 1,000,000 iPads, and it’s the Kindle’s biggest competition; both wirelessly download books.  Amazon has a leg up as a book reader, however, in that they’ve grown with Chris Anderson-style ‘Long Tail’ research , they have tens of millions of book customers, know which books are most likely ...more

American Debt Super Cycle nearing its End Game

Here is a video of John Mauldin, best-selling financial author, discussing his view of the debt cycle, and the coming de-leveraging recession. Filmed during the Executive Program March 2010 at Singularity University, NASA Ames, Silicon Valley. (thanks to Singularity Univeristy)...more

CHRISTIAN Militia in Michigan raided by FBI, because Jesus told them to weapon up in his name

The Hutaree Christian Militia in Adrian, Michigan were raided by the FBI, because internal US terrorism can be as bad as international terrorism (sad day in Moscow today)… Here is a youtube video for you, of their training, including buring the United Nations flag and replacing it with a Christian cross flag. Because Jesus died so they could carry guns…...more