SpeakZA! Freedom of the Press in South Africa is under threat

This article is by Sipho Hlongwane. It is a call for bloggers to raise their voices against the ANC Youth League's attempts to erode freedom of the press in South Africa....more

Martha Stewart shows how not to do it - #Fail

At the last day of the Design Indaba 2010, Martha Stewart showed how not to do it: She misjudged her audience and delivered a talk that came across like a sales pitch.  Surely Martha Stewart had something more to share than how to do "paint by numbers" glitter paintings?  I wonder if she had attended any of the other speakers, and had no idea what the event was about?...more

The Body (Un)comfortable: teaching with blogs

Recently Franci Cronje - a colleague of mine -  ran a blog project with her 2nd year students.  Some remarkable blog posts were created. Teaching with blogs is not as straightforward as it may seem, and Franci shared her experience with me:...more

Combing Sedna's Hair

My previous post referred to the Inuit story of Takannaaluk, an powerful figure in Inuit legend.  This was my excuse to learn more about Inuit stories, and to do a Takannaluk - inspired drawing, as you can see.  Takannaluk can be translated as "the terrible woman down there" or "the great one below".    She has many other names but is best known as Sedna, so that is what I will call her....more

Water - and Dog-Wise Garden

I've been working at the blasted wasteland that is our backyard, and changing it from what Brendon calls the "dog habitat"  into a garden.  There were enemies above and below the ground.  Below the soil lurked cut worm  that killed everything I planted.  Plants that survived the cut worm were chewed, dug up, peed upon, stepped, rolled or sat upon by Anna and Pippin....more

How dare you fence him off from his gardens. ;-)

~Denise BlogHer Community Manager

Heart of Glass Part 2

* continued from Heart of Glass Part 1 * The next morning he had shaken off thoughts of the Bone Witch - or so he told himself.  It was his habit to start his working day with a coffee at the café across the road. The usual crowd of elaborately dressed youths were lounging self consciously at the counter.  He knew they were hoping to be the spark that would flame up as his next fantastical character....more

Heart of Glass Part 1

**this story is not related to The Troll Princess********************************************************* Once upon a time there was a man who told stories. ...more

Thanks :)

The drawing came first.  I was just doodling, and the drawing suggested ...more

Challenging my assumptions

Well, I had an interesting, if rather surreal experience yesterday. I was waiting in line at the check out queue at the supermarket.  I noticed a couple of young (student age) black girls, obviously a group of friends, standing in the line next to mine.  One of them was an albino.  I noticed her because she did a big double take at the magazine rack and said "Oh wow, look! Wow!" to her friends. Very excited. ...more

The Troll Princess Part 3

*continued from The Troll Princess Part 1 and The Troll Princess Part 2.* The next morning Emma woke from powerful dreams of fish mince.  Something was tickling nose.  She opened her eyes to find Ratkin peering closely at her face.  Emma sat up.  “Hungry?”  It was late morning.  She must have overslept. ...more

If all goes well, I'm posting the first part (or possibly the entire thing?) of my new story ...more

That Crab

I found a freshwater crab in Wynberg Park this evening. He was on the road near the parking area. I spent a embarrassing amount of time faffing about whether I should leave him alone to take his chances with cars and dogs. He was a fairly big crab, each leg about as long as my little finger, and his claws almost as fat as my thumb. ...more