Random Quote Friday With A Smidgen Of Commentary

"If we are conducting our lives in the usual fashion, each of us serves as a constant source of embarrassment to his or her future self..."~~Michael Chabon, "Like, Cosmic" in Manhood For Amateurs: The Pleasures and Regrets of a Husband, Father and Son  To which I would only add: And, all too often, to our present selves as well....more

Can Your Blog Award Be Revoked?

So, I'm back from my, um, let's call it a sabbatical, and the first order of business on this fine first day of NaBloPoMo is to graciously and very belatedly thank Sleepy Joe for the Reader Appreciation award she bestowed upon me lo these many weeks ago. ...more

Ol' What's-her-name

"I'm so sane, it's driving me crazy..."~Falling For The First Time, written by Steven Page & Ed Robertson, performed by Barenaked Ladies ...more

Paging Dr. House

It is truly a House-worthy medical mystery. How else to explain that in a household of four people, the youngest of whom is very nearly 18, and all of whom are ostensibly of at least average health and normal physical development, I alone possess the manual dexterity required to thread the plastic roller through the cardboard tube of a new roll of toilet paper and actually replace it properly in the brackets where it belongs? ...more

Masked Mom's Media Monday: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

On the surface, Mindy Kaling, the writer/director/actress from NBC's The Office, and I don't have much in common. She's the Dartmouth graduate daughter of Indian parents, she's employed in her dream job(s), she's younger than me--though not as much younger than me as her youthful appearance would suggest, she also is far more interested in fashion than I am or have ever been.  ...more

Spiral Notebook Sunday, Tuesday, October 20, 1987

Lately, Seventh Niece (who will be three in June) has taken to hissing like a cat when she is so displeased that words fail her. She has done it a couple of times to Daughter-Only or I and her mother reports that it's happened at home as well. As the youngest of six siblings, it's perhaps not surpising that she might find herself annoyed or overwhelmed from time to time.  ...more

I Can Name That Tune In 250 Words Or Less

[With thanks, yet again, to TangledLou over at Periphery for the nudge in her post The Price Is Right....more

Vote Early and Vote Often

Despite the lack of media coverage1, the Republican Presidential Primaries have somehow managed to pierce my consciousness. Most of what I think when I think about politics is not really fit for the blog--too many exclamation points and too much foul language2....more

Ways I Am Not A Grown-Up, The First In A Potentially Infinite Series

Welcome to a new series here at Masked Mom in which I will enumerate the many ways, despite overwhelming chronological and cosmetic evidence to the contrary, that I am not a grown-up.Way number one: I do not carry a purse. Or even a wallet. I did carry a wallet for ten or so years and I do often carry a tote bag* full of books, notebooks, etc, but I haven't carried a wallet for three years and a "real" purse for much longer....more

Author, Plagiarize Thyself

Spent most of the day puttering around--it may have involved a blog-reading binge, interrupted only by several chapters in the book I am currently reading, as well as making homemade beef stew and freshly baked bread for dinner. Maybe.  ...more