WE EAT | mexi-rice (super) taco bowl

there has been lots of talk in the foodie world about one of the greatest food holidays quickly approaching. ...more

toddler essentials

hair bows ..and I'm back. ...more

photo every hour | road trip

I had a last minute client meeting scheduled yesterday morning in houston, so on monday afternoon while the twins stayed with their bb and papa, Jordan and Baker tagged along as we made our way south for a quick road trip... and by quick I mean like twenty-four hours:)...more

we eat | one pot sausage + meatball ziti

second week in a row for pasta. ...more

hey hey friday

I've never been so excited to see the weekend. ...more

pearly whites | our first dentist visit

your child's first trip to the dentist should be between 1-2 years of age. ..actually- by the time they get their first tooth. make the appointment. ...more

six month favorites

I still cant believe I have a six month old. ...more