The Last Post

After a lot of consideration and thought, this is going to be my last post on this blog.I first started this blog as an avenue for me to document my third journey of recovery. I remember starting it, thinking, I wonder if anyone will even read this? After a few weeks, I discovered they did. The following year and few months have been nothing short of miraculous....more

Three Hundred and Sixty Five

Three Hundred and Sixty Five days. Day at a time. One foot in front of the other. Sometimes hard. Sometimes easy. What more is there to say?I really don't want this to be about me, I just want to say to anyone reading this who thinks they may have a problem with alcohol or knows that they do but can't stop - don't give in. You are so worth it. Life isn't easy, but it can be OK....more

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted.

Her name was Christine. Born into a tough family, her mother took her own life when she was just ten years old. Christine found her one day, dead. With no time to grieve, Christine became the rock her sister and father relied on. Her first job was in psychiatric nursing, caring for people who no one understood, more or less cared about. After experimenting with sex, drugs & alcohol, like most at her age, she fell pregnant at the young age of 20....more


Last night I was lucky enough to sit on a beautiful beach and watch the sun set. The person IAwas with made a comment at the time that we forget that things like this are here. They were right. I can't remember the last time I sat down and watched mother nature put on a show but last night I was glad I did. It also dawned on me that this show is on every night and all I have to do to see it is take the time. The next thing I am about to say may sound cheesy but it's true.  As I was sitting there I was reflecting on my life, especially the last year....more

The Mishap

Last Saturday morning is a bit of a blur. It was raining heavily. I had to get up and take my daughter to netball after only having four hours sleep the night before. After the match we were headed home via the grocery shopping.I was driving. I was tired. It was raining. I got distracted for a second. I ran into the back of a car at about 40km/hour. My first thought was, there is no damage, it’s only a small bump. I got out of the car and to my surprise I had done a lot of damage to his car and mine. I didn’t even think to check on my children....more

The Cricket Club.

Coming into the warmer months, football has come to an end and the National summer game of Cricket has begun. My son tried playing footy the last two years but it turned out to be not the game for him. A couple of summers ago he played very junior cricket and loved it. He was not able to play last summer due to his broken arm. Keen to get him off the Nintendo DS and outdoors again, I signed him up to play under 11s cricket at the local club near my house. Training is every Wednesday night with the match held on Friday nights....more

The Break.

First: Thank you for reading this post. I know I have been missing and I’m sorry. Second: Thank you to the online recovery community for never ‘taking a break from it all’ Third: Why I had to ‘take a break from it all’. This is a hard one to answer without sounding whiny and like I’m full of excuses. I really didn’t mean to stay away from my beloved blog for so long. I guess it all started with the last post (dated October 1st). I was on holidays and decided to take a week off from writing....more

The Marathon.

I have never run a marathon before. Ironically during my heaviest drinking days, about six years ago, I was at my fittest. I think it was part of the ‘perfectionism’ that came with the feeling of failure that came with being an alcoholic. If I didn’t get to the gym six times a week, then I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror....more

Unwrapping the cotton wool.

In early recovery many people say to ‘wrap yourself up on cotton wool’. You are fragile. You need to take care of yourself as if you are a precious object that could break at any moment....more

A Normal Life

I'm not really sure how to start this post. I was just thinking tonight as I sat down to dinner with the kids that my life is seemingly back to 'normal'. I remember a few years back during a time of sobriety that life seemed normal, or even just happy. I have said in previous posts that I no longer feel 'special' and I no longer identify as an alcoholic first and a person second. ...more