Quick and easy recipe for Morel Mushrooms

I thought I would share this quick and easy Morel Mushroom recipe that I like to enjoy.Things you will needMorel mushroomsButterFlour1 eggFirst thing you want to do is to clean your mushrooms. To do this you should cut the morels in half and soak them in salt water. This cleans out all dirt and bugs.Now it is time to get cooking!1.) Crack your egg and whisk in a bowl until fully mixed.2.) Pour flour into a large enough pull to dip your mushrooms....more

Tips and tricks for morel mushroom hunting by Matthew Dybedahl

It’s about that time of year again. The snow is finally melting and the temperature is starting to rise. While the warm temperature is nice, there’s something even better about spring…morel mushrooms!If you’ve never eaten or heard of morel mushrooms, they’re a rare treat that only bloom once a year. You’ll rarely find them in your local grocery store either, and if you do, you’ll pay a small fortune for them....more
I keep thinking about getting out morel hunting, but I haven't made the time yet.  Thanks for ...more