March randomness

Kensie participated in the school's Battle of the Books and made the all-star team who competed and won against the teachers. Landon got booted from the crib and is now sleeping with the big boys. It's going well, except for the time they told him there was a dead body in the corner and he was scared to death for a week. Kensie and I went to New Beginnings! I can't believe she's going to be in Young Womens soon! ...more

This pregnancy

I realize that I haven't posted much about this pregnancy. Frankly, it's probably because up until this point I have had so much going on that I seem to forget to think about being pregnant. On the other hand, I have had so many pregnancy related issues this time that it's nearly impossible to not think about being pregnant all the time. I realize this makes no sense. I keep thinking, "once I make it through Christmas, once this ...more

Lincoln's Baptism

Well, my computer is still down and out which means I'm still blogging with limited pictures from my phone. So annoying! But I don't want to get too far behind...... Lincoln was baptized on February 2nd {groundhog day!}. While reviewing our membership records at tithing settlement we realized that Matt was baptized on the same day! Pretty cool! ...more

It's great to be eight!

It was a big birthday year for Lincoln! Eight years old means baptism and cub scouts, both of which he was so excited about. He had decided on a friend party this year, but at the last minute chose to go to Planet Play with the family instead. Fine by me! Grandma and Grandpa Holbrook met us there, and after some game playing we came home for cake and presents. ...more

January. Blah.

This month has felt miserable to me. I'm so glad it's almost over. The only thing I can attribute it to is the weather. I love love love the snow, but temps here have been frigid for most of the month. At least we live above the dreaded inversion, and have clean air to breathe. We have managed some fun despite the misery. February HAS to be better, right? ...more

Happy Christmas!

Most of my pictures from Christmas morning are on my camera, which are not accessible thanks to the afore mentioned computer. It was a great morning, though, trust me. The kids loved seeing what Santa brought. Rich, Marla, and Alayna came up for breakfast burritos and more present opening. We had fun hanging out while Matt and Rich put Kensie's new bed together. Later that afternoon we went to the Youngs for even more present opening! ...more

Christmas Eve

We spent the day making treats and getting things ready for Santa's arrival. In the afternoon we went to the Youngs to play with cousins and open or Christmas Eve presents. Then we headed to the Holbrooks (who were in town for Christmas this year yay!) for a yummy dinner and cookie decorating. Back at home we put out milk and cookies for Santa, and got in or Christmas Eve Jammies! ...more

Random December Activities

The busyness continues..... We had fun at the Young family party, playing in the snow, WALKING to church for the first time (love having the new church building two doors down!), attending the kids school Christmas sing, and seeing the lights at Thanksgiving Point. ...more