Waxing philosophical

Today is going to be a bit slow. We're getting some of the weather from the hurricane south of us. It's not a torrent, but the wind can be a bit scary at times and I wonder if one of the old stoics were here, there would be a cryptic philosophical comment about how this represents life on a larger scale. "See the risk of life?" he would say. Then go on to elaborate on how all of our lives are interconnected and how that connection reaches into the universe. "Observe nature," he would say. "That's where our answers are." ...more

Blog intro

This is my first entry on the Blogher blog, so I'm going to write a short introduction. The blogs I write are about healing in some way. I don't focus on one particular area of healing, because I like the holistic idea--when one aspect of our being is out of balance it upsets the whole. I am also a novice wildcrafter and learning about identifying herbs and other edible plants in Arkansas. When you harvest your own food rather than buy it from the store, there's a shift that takes place in perspective. It has for me anyway. ...more

Hello from Arkansas

Hello there everyone. I've just signed up for Blogher and am looking forward to reading the work here. ...more

Thanks Denise. I did it. I looked at your blog and love it. I love books and reading also, ...more