Donald Trump knows only the price of everything and the value of nothing....more

Donald Trump and Extinction Election

I am a blue-eyed, fair-skinned American citizen and I am the last of my breed. So are Donald Trump and his supporters, the Koch brothers, the 'Republican establishment' and the Sunday morning television commentators.The following are only my political opinions. They don't reflect on the human worth of any individual or group.Simple population studies confirm that the future belongs to the brown-skinned and black-skinned folks of our country and the world. ...more

"Is Paris Burning?"

For most Americans, 'history' means last week's supermarket  tabloid headlines: Brad and Angelina's romance is  history.  But  in France, where they've been at this civilization thing for centuries, World War II is yesterday.In Paris, you can still see the bullet holes  in the older sections of the city. This is where the French civilian  "Resistance" fighters did battle with Hitler's invading troops. A few Resistance fighters are still alive, and they are venerated like Brad and Angelina are in Hollywood....more

Two Silent Mothers Ready For Battle

My eight-year-old nephew Brian and I were out for a gentle hike in the foothills above his home. We rounded a curve and came face-to-face with a mother mountain lion and her two little cubs. We were no more than 30 feet apart and making eye contact.She moved first, taking a step toward me to shield her cubs.I did the same, slipping my hand in to Brian's and drawing him behind me. I whispered, 'quiet,' and he obeyed. The other mother and I continued to stare for another second....more


  For the last fifteen years, Woodbine Park in West Los Angeles has been my 'home at the end of the world.' It was that ideal, magical little place where everybody got along and everybody watched children and dogs in the neighborhood grow and play....more

Kahlua With A Kick

-2 empty wine bottles with lids-3 cups water-4cups sugar-1 oz (10 tsp) Folgers Instant Coffee-1qt (or 32 oz or 4cups) 80-proof vodka-2 TBLS pure vanilla extract plus two vanilla beanswash and air dry wine bottles throughlyin large saucepan add sugar and water and bring to rolling boil; let boil 5 minutes, stirring constantlyadd coffee to mixture, stir quickly and mix wellremove from heat and let cool to room temp; add vodka and vanilla extract and mix well...more

Redux II - Piss and Whiz

   The Saga of Piss and Whiz continues, and I'm beginning to  have a profound revision of women's urinary problems. Until  now, the need for females to piss seemingly by the hour, was  simply a snickering joke, much like menopause was for so long (and still is.)I heard an ancedote recently whereby a female executive was forcefully and skillfully conducting a business meeting with eight or ten of her male collegues. She commanded the appropriate respect until she announced she had to use the bathroom.Then she was greeted by a chorus of spontanous laughter....more

"Redux-Piss And Whizz - October 27, 2014"

My sea of piss, (which I described here last August 17th) is still with me from my condition delicately known as "Overactive Bladder." But the tide has partially receded, thanks to my long-awaited injection (in my bladder) of Botox on September 25th. Yes, that same Botox. It freezes the bladder muscles so they can be retrained to hold and dispense urine at more appropriate times....more

"The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All" War Told By A Woman

   The title says it all. This 1984 classic's told by a white Civil War survivor, 99-year-old Lucy Marsden, now living in a nursing home. Why should we care? Why should we reread it? Because Lucy haunts our modern life with every page.   Virtually every post on BOGHER describes the struggle of contemporary women facing current issues in their lives. William Faulker describes it as history:...more

"The Little Brown One"

The topic is healing, but that also implies not healing, and all that it implies. When life's tragedies strike, all the experts tell us that, especially for children, the talking, clarifying and erasure of guilt must begin immediately. And it must go on for as long as the child needs it, not for the convenience of the adults....more