Universal Beauty and Marjorie

As I drove down the dirt road in the Osceola National Forest and parked along the side, I immediately noticed that I am not the only person who enjoys this remote location.  The seclusion of this remote part of the park is part of the allure, for myself, as well as others it seemed.  Recently dumped, scattered, and left, the road was freckled with red shotgun shell casings and other remnants.  Garbage littered at least seventy five meters of the path.   I was overcome with a feeling of disgust....more

Scenes from Cumberland Island

After enjoying a day at Cumberland Island, I spent the next day painting with good friends.  I love that I am getting back into color and rougher looking paintings.  Just before I left St. Augustine, where I was staying with friends, I stopped by the Hobby Lobby and picked up more paint.  Can't wait to get to work!   ...more
@Denise  Thank you!  It was such a wonderful trip to the seashore.  Sorry for the late ...more

Drawing at Dungeness

 A few pictures of the horses (and the foal!) from around Dungeness at Cumberland Island National Seashore.  ...more

Spring Adventures at Cumberland Island

By the time my friend and I boarded the ferry to return to Historic St. Marys, we were exhausted.  Cumberland Island had proved to be more vast that we had thought, but we enjoyed exploring every inch that we could. When we arrived at Cumberland Island at the Seacamp Dock around 10, and even though it was late March, the temperature was in the low forties and extremely windy.  We were determined not to let to temperature put a damper on our day....more

It's Spring Break!!

So many options: O'Leno State ParkRiver Rise State ParkMill Creek Nature PreserveAlligator Lake ParkOsceola National ForestOlustee Battlefield Historic State ParkCumberland Island National Seashore (GA)Anastasia State Park Can't wait to see where the next week takes me and all of the places I will discover!...more

Learning New Trails in the National Forest

I am one of those people who rarely gets lost, and I never have in forests.  In cities, that is a different story.  I suppose the woods make more sense to me.  Maybe I am highly observant or understand how the ecosystems come together.  Or I am just good at memorizing aerial maps.  Photos from the trail, new trails.  The best kind of trail.  But I would say the same about the paths that I have been traveling for years.  Osceola National Forest, March   ...more


This week has been good for painting.  I finished the oranges, Enchantment, inspired by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' Cross Creek: Enchantment lies in different things for each of us....more

November 29th: Remembering the author and great Floridian Al Burt

November 29th, the day of my birth, is a day when I  remember one of my favorite Floridians.   Not Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, but Al Burt, the great Florida author and columnist.  Burt passed on the 29th a few years back.  I highly recommend anything and everything that he wrote about Florida....more

The Pace of my Twenty-Third

A year ago, after I finished twenty-two milesfor the very first time in celebration of my twenty-second birthday, I had no doubt I would be running twenty-three at the end of the next November.  Maybe I could even hit faster mile splits during the second half and run on 3:20 marathon pace.  Well, some things just don't go as planned.  This year, I walked.  Not twenty-three miles, but forty-two minutes....more