Oranges Clementine Dress

When I made the ruffliest ruffled dress in the world, ever, for Eddie, I made a less ruffly version as well. The Clementine Dress comes in three different versions so you can do something nice and simple or something very frou-frou. For the second dress I made it in the simplest version ....more

Twisted Tuesdays

Hi friends!You know how you see patterns made up all over the blogosphere but you don't know for sure if it's a pattern you'd ever sew up yourself, or if you would even make it more than once? I don't know about you, but I love patterns that I will sew over and over, and you're probably sick of all the same things here that I keep sewing but COUNT YOURSELF LUCKY because there are approximately 200 more of the same things that I've never photographed and blogged about :,) So when Laura of Titchy Threads (patterns) and Craftstorming (her blog) asked me if I wanted in on her fun Twisted Tuesdays series, I was so in! I'm a huge fan of her work; her patterns are so professional and she was the first to use layered sizes ....more

Alleycat Romper to Dress 2.0

I have sewn SO many of these Alley Cat Rompers, both as they are designed and also with the tweaking of turning them into a dress. And yet, how many have I blogged? This'll be the third ....more

Kids Clothes Week: Day 1: Jurassic

Super pumped that I'm participating in KCW this week, well at least today I had motivation to get into it and not make excuses or not let life get in the way because I am kicking off my Kids Clothes Week over on Pattern Revolution! The theme is Wild Things but it's optional so as long as you're sewing anything kiddie you can enter to win some cool prizes! There's also some cool giveaways this week you can enter as well so go do that too! ...more

Spooky Messenger Bag

Amongst all these pink ruffles and dresses with adequate twirl-factor, I've really really been missing sewing for my boy. Sewing boy stuff was my first introduction into the sewing mama blog world, and it's been my passion for almost 6 years now! You can check out my review of the Little Moo Designs Messenger bag over on Pattern Revolution! ...more

Geometric Violet Dress

I'm doing SO much girl sewing lately, a million dresses both for Pattern Revolution and for the upcoming 30 Days of Shirley Temple. It's fun but I keep looking over at my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fabric and yearning to make Vin something rad. He can wait though, he's got 3 years of handmade clothes on Eddie!I sewed up the Violet Dress by Aila & Frankie and you can see all the details (and the cute back) over on Pattern Revolution! ...more

Frozen Knot Dress

I remember when I found out I was having a girl I just went crazy, pinning and planning a million little dresses but then when I actually did start sewing for her I think I made her like one dress and then I had more fun sewing her tiny tees and leggings... I can't girl! haha The Knot Dress was one of the first dresses I found, I can't remember if I bought it in a bundle or something but I do know that I've had it for a while and was waiting and waiting for Eddie to get big enough to sew it ....more

it is pink and it is a dress

We have a winner. Maybe it was because I actually tried this time. When the review call came for this dress I was like, "okay, this is perfect ....more

It's not pink nor a dress...

Eep. Edison still loves Star Wars, she still has a crush on Darth Vader and she still fills her pockets with rocks.One thing has changed though, and that's her little miss independent sense of style. I went through it with her brother, I still am, and you know the story ....more

30 days of Shirley Temple

Evening!So a few months ago I thought how cute it would be to do a Shirley Temple inspired series, just people making Shirley Temple dresses because fashion from the 30s and 40s was so adorable for little girls. It's hard though when you think you're the only one that would really care about such a thing so it just sort of went away because then there the hectic holiday period and lots of silly real life crap to wade through. That was until I randomly started looking at cute Shirley Temple dresses again a few days ago, and then suddenly I realised I'd seen that mass of curls and chubby cheeks, thoselitlte rosebud lips and that cute button nose somewhere else.. ....more