The Joys of Rural Living

How to confuse people in a rural Target store:1. Be female and over 40.2. Go to the store at 8:45 am.3. Be adorably zaftig and dressed in old jeans, scuffed up sneakers, an orange hoodie and a winter coat.4. Sport a dark red faux-hawk with obvious grey roots.5. Pick out some sexy underwear.6. Take underwear to the checkout.7. Buy it.8. Walk to great big, muddy mini-van and get in.For serious. The entire front of store staff came to watch me ...more

Today, I am Proud

I am not always proud of my country.Today, I am ....more

I Think Her Name Was Stella

Medication achievement; Unlocked!My world-weary insurance friend mentioned in the last post appears to have been the real thing. Not fifteen minutes after hanging up with her, we had medication approvals for Gameboy. Biker Hubby called me from the car, on the way home, to tell me that he'd grabbed the medications and hustled outside quickly before anyone could stop him.I won't lie, we did a little medication jig in the kitchen. Then we woke up Gameboy and made him take ...more

Living Dangerously

Every day for the past two weeks, I have started the morning with a bracing phone call to one or another insurance companies ....more

The Lost Day

Yesterday was a morass of being very ill and spending hours on the phone and on my computer dealing with health insurance madness. At one point, I was so frustrated that I posted about it on Facebook. I try to avoid posts like that, because it makes my parents worry. And I did have to do some calming down and explaining as soon as my father saw the post ....more

No, Really, I Am Working

I admit that I'm sitting here in sweats and slippers, but I've been up since six am and I've whipped two conference proposals and one syllabus into shape. I've also scheduled a meeting and answered about 20 work emails.I'm also fighting off some kind of really weird virus, which made me really ill for about six hours on Monday and then made me tired and stuffy for the last two days. So after lunch, I think I might take a ...more

Beauty, Truth and Courage

The last few days, I have been participating in a thread on Amanda Palmer's blog. She posted a thoughtful commentary on bullying, social media, and the power of us. (You can read it here ) I have been thinking hard and deeply about my past role as a teacher of adolescents, and as a parent, and how difficult it is, once we are adults, to crack the code of the adolescent world. Something I used to tell my students all the time ...more

Eating the Elephant

Last January, I asked my students to choose a word for the upcoming year. It could be something they wanted to accomplish or something they wanted to stop doing. My word for 2012 was "Yes."And that's part of the reason I said yes to graduate school.While I am enjoying my extended break from school, there's a certain disadvantage in this, as well. I'm working hard on making my qualifying exam rough draft come together, but I've had more time to ...more

Sometimes, I Think Too Much.

Gameboy went straight from his appointment with the psychiatrist yesterday to work, and from there to a friend's house, with the result being that he was not home until we'd all gone to bed. I heard him come in, and then he ceremoniously turned off the hall light (that's how I know he's home if I've fallen asleep before he gets back. We agreed that he would turn off the hall light, and I have to say, he never forgets ...more

Well, Hello, 2013!

My New Year's resolution is to remember to write "2013" on things. Admit it, now you're kicking yourself for not thinking of that one instead of "Get in shape" or "Lose that weight" or "Eat healthy." I mean, I hope I can do some of that shit, too...but I'm trying to be reasonable, here ....more