Helpful Tips for Lego Organisation

If you came here thinking I was going to tell you how to organise Lego, then I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place; I'm the one who’s after the help....more

A Review of Squish Delish Reusable Pouches

This is a review that comes with a tale of woe. Of course it is, frankly the only reason I do reviews is as a cheap form of talking therapy so that I can exorcize the demons of my toe curling parenting failures. The year is 2010, and for those who have joined the party more recently let me set the scene ....more

When Bullying Came to The X Factor NZ

If you don't live in New Zealand then this may have passed you by, but there has recently been a bit of controversy surrounding our version of The X Factor....more

The Day We Lost a Child (For Five Minutes)

On Saturday we were at the Newtown Festival; a single day where a community more used to being described by estate agents as “up and coming” becomes a vibrant sprawl of music, stalls and food from every part of the globe. We met up with a friend, and meandered up as far as the main hub before stopping to debate our next move. Despite it being a distance of about 10 paces, and despite there being a ratio of one adult to every child, we somehow came to a rest one person short ....more

Reflections on a 15 Year Old Bra Twanger

When is an assault not an assault? According to the account given by this mother, the answer to that question is when it’s a 15 year old boy twanging the bra strap of a 15 year old girl....more

Art and the Female Form

Last night we played Late Bedtime Roulette to take the children out in town. We try not to do it very often, because any activity that takes place after dinner is universally unwelcomed by my offspring. Still, God loves a trier, so try we do ....more

The Story Of The Watermelon Seeds

We eat a lot of watermelon, mostly because it is one of the few fruit that Miss Olive will allow to pass her lips. That wasn't always the case, at first her opinion of watermelon was the same as any other fruit and could probably be best described as deep mistrust. Then I took a gamble and shoved a small piece into he mouth mid complaint and lo, she doth adore the melon made of water ....more

Does Enid Blyton Have a Place on My Children’s Bookshelf?

When I walk into the house most evenings I feel like I am playing catch-up: The rest of the family have spent the day sharing jokes, adventures and even after I’m updated by three screeching children, I’m usually no wiser about their day than before I arrived. What has that got to do with Enid Blyton? Well the other night I was left feeling slightly bemused by the fact that when dinner was finished, faces were cleaned and pyjamas were thrown on, there was a very enthusiastic consensus that the book of the evening was Five Go Off to Camp....more

Kiwi Mummy Blog Review – Little Ones Care Pack

At the end of last week we received our second Little Ones Pack from My Care Pack....more

Welcome to the Frustrating Fives

Parenting Alfie has not been easy recently. More often than not I end the day on the sofa, mulling over the words I have spoken, second guessing the decisions I have made and usually finding them wanting. These are days where I have risked waking my son by creeping into his bedroom to smoothe his hair, kiss his cheek and whisper that I love him ....more