Relationships and Missing Socks

You are probably scratching your head thinking why am I, the Outdoor Epicurean thinking!  Has the fact that my in laws moving in with myself, my husband and grandchildren finally taken me off the edge?  Has the fact that we now have 5 year old twins, baby boomers in the late 50's and 85 plus seniors under one roof caused me to question my stability?  Before you call the men in the white suits, please permit me to explain. ...more

Living with a generator day 5

As I type, I am on day 5 on living with the hmmmmm of our trusty generator.  I did not post yesterday because we ran out of fuel and the town has shut down because of no power.  Our neighbors helped us out later on in the day.  So, I spent the day, picking up the house and yard after the storm.   I am so grateful for the precious water we have in our bathrooms.  It has been a real life saver.  We left the pool cover open so we can bath in it.  Yes, it has leaves in it and I spotted at least one worm but I keep telling myself that it is like sw...more

Monday after the Hurricane

Well, the storm has passed and we are assessing the damage to the farm.  Our apples trees were blown over.  The roots are exposed but we will do our best to straighten them out.  I hope they make it.  The children and I planted those when we first purchased the farm in 2003.  We have a lot of tree limbs on the dirt road to the house.  I have not left the property so I cannot state what it looks like in town. I cooked an early dinner last night.  Thank God for gas stoves!   I prepared lamb chops.  The topping was delicious....more

Family and Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene is pounding away on our little farm but we are snuggled inside.  Single leaves dot the window screens as if Mother Nature is telling me to slow down and enjoy the energy.  We are without electrical power.  Our generator is not behaving.   I always like natural lighting anyway....more

Cookbook Writing 101 continued

I am happy to say that I finished my Cookbook Proposal. BOATFOOD is on her way to a Publisher in Boston where I am praying they will believe in her. The reason it took me so long to complete the proposal was amount of marketing research that I wanted to include. My thoughts were "selling" the concept of the cookbook to strangers needed to be as precise as possible....more

Camera Equipment and food photography

Today started off alright.  I hauled my old SLR cameras out of  the bedroom closet and did an inspection.  All was still in good working condition.  My only dilemma is the time is takes to get film developed and put on a CD as opposed to spending a lot of money on a new Digital SLR .  Any thoughts?...more

Cookbook Writing 101

Good day!  My name is Margaret and I live on a working farm in Southern Maryland as well as run a sport fishing charter boat business, with the Captain, Rick.  Captain Rick is my husband and I have a lot of funny stories to share....more