Da Boyz Room

Look what I did this weekend! Actually, look what some SLIGHTLY wonderful friends and I did this weekend!  The numbers are a triple entendre... any guesses?More pictures toward the end but first here's the before and after story......more

Couldn't have done it without you, Denise! I had a total blonde moment with the pictures ...more

Math Curriculum Counts

Math = Order. I prove the Law of Entropy true multiple times per day....   Houston, we have a problem....more

Jalapeno Sliders

I made these babies to celebrate Labor Day. I figured an All American holiday required red meat. We polished them off in no time and are now completely comatose. They weren't too spicy for the kids, but my kids like a little spice. Adjust for yours. Husband declared them, "Better than restaurant sliders!". The kids aren't allowed to talk with their mouths full. MAKE THEM, EAT THEM, SMILE, PAT YOUR TUMMY, then PASS OUT!...more

you can make them any size you want! I know what you mean though, I always thought sliders were ...more

The Typewriter Effect: This College Mom's Experience

What feelings should you experience when sending your eldest child off to college? Certainly, hope and excitement mingled with fear and loss are understandable. I felt like an old fashioned typewriter.  ...more

This post pulled at my heart strings and came at the perfect time!
I'm taking my 18-year old ...more

Ready Or Not, School Starts Next Week!

School starts next week at our house. There are a million details I’d like to attend to before the big day. Little things like making sure the markers work, and arranging beautiful bouquets of sharpened pencils. Then there’s the biggies. Breaking down lesson plans, updating the school calendar, and organizing the supply closet.   ...more

How Leading A Science Co-op Reformed This Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Science Teacher

When my 10th grade son took Biology at a local community college and came home saying he had no idea what they were talking about, I realized that I had been a terrible, no good, very bad science teacher.   ...more

When Choosing Homeschool Curriculum, Let Freedom Ring

It was a perfect summer Sunday afternoon and we were hosting a BBQ but grilling was the last thing on my mind. I had been successfully homeschooling my son since the third grade but this year was different. This year he was beginning High School.  ...more


We’ve filled this lonely week that our teenager is away at camp with playdates and adventures for our only daughter.    Sunday shone with a long bike ride and trip to the aquarium with dad....more


We all have heard the clever anecdotes of the mom who woke up, made herself a cup of coffee and on her way to get the milk noticed that the plant needed watering.... in the end her train of thought is continually interrupted and that’s why she hasn’t accomplished anything and has a caffeine headache at 2PM. Or something like that. ...more

Undying Affection

My children are 20, 13, and 8. You would think with such large age gaps, they would have nothing to fight about. You would think that with a huge difference of opinion regarding toys, music, friends, clothes, even bathroom habits, that subject matter for bickering would be at an all time low. You might even think that harmony would reign supreme in our home. Okay, that’s taking it too far....more

reigns supreme in my house. They can take something so innocuous as a box of Kleenex and turn it ...more