'Christmas Is in the Air' anthology

Book Review: ‘Storytelling: The Indispensable Art of Entrepreneurism” by Rudy A. Mazzocchi

Storytelling isn’t only for writers or Hollywood producers, and this book is a great resource for people who are starting a business or venturing into the world of entrepreneurship....more

Manhattan Socialite 'Princess' Fights Vampires


Interview with Dr. Jay D Roberts, author of Break the Chains

 My guest today is Dr. Jay D Roberts, MD, author of Break the Chains, a poignant, compelling memoir just released by Tate Publishing....more

Interview with Florence Byham Weinberg, author of 'Anselm, a Metamorphosis'

My guest today is Florence Byham Weinberg, author of the metaphysical fantasy, Anselm, a Metamorphosis, just published by Twilight Times Books....more