Pantone names Emerald Green as the 2013 Color of the Year - Here's to Prosperity!

  Green has often symbolized a color of serenity, harmony, and prosperity.  After a tumultuous 2012 (understatement) I had hoped 2013 would synthesize these elements to create a sort of symphony out of the cacaphony of my life.    Since fashion is a microcosm expressing current events and personal identity, I'm happy to see that we're ...more

Unbridle Your Inner Thoroughbred with Equestrian Style

I’m planning a holiday central coast jaunt up to the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, check it out, the rooms are for lack of a better description, kitschy psychedelic romantic. Seriously, click here, I promise you’ll agree....more

F#@k Casual Fridays

I get it.  We as the staff of local government represent a community of tens of thousands of voters who count on us for service, safety, infrastructure, and generally fixing all that ails their encapsulated lives.  Professionalism is important.  Presentation is paramount.  But, in the insistent casualness of Southern California, an appropriately casual infusion of respectable fashion on the most anticipated day of an impetuous working girl’s ...more

The Pursuit of Happiness

Soul Check