Illegitimi non carborundum

that's what a hand painted sign, hung behind the bar in my childhood home's den (basement), read.  it was two pieces of wood, painted gold and stenciled in black caligraphy letters and i giggled whenever i read it.  that i could say the word bastard, and get away with it (albeit in latin) was exhilarating for a 10 year old. ...more

buyers remorse, sorta

already it's taunting me.  'you won't finish me' it scoffs as i pass it on my way to get coffee this morning.  ...more
 @mcvick I was thinking the perfect spot to curl up with a good book :)more

once upon a time, 24 years ago we bought a house...

and the ceiling in the master bedroom was the former owner's diy craptastic version of popcorn.  now, i'm not sure if we can blame him for the waves (like the grand old flag) in the sheetrock or the wicked out of square properties of the four walls which meet said ceiling, but we can blame him for the uh..well..this: ...more
 @sassymonkey thank you! i love it too. :)  more

there's no stopping me now (until i get bored)

i do finish things sometimes.  topiary ball ala ballard design for like $15 the pot is from tj maxx $5.99a 10" styofoam ball (when did styrofaom get so bleeping expensive?!?!) $4.99one package of sheet moss $3.99leftover panel glue from a ceiling project (oh i can post that too!) (it's not finished)  ...more
It looks fantastic! more

yeah, i'm just gonna jump right into this

there should probably be some semblence of order here and i'm sure i'll regret just jumping in when i look back. i bought my first craisglist item today and i'm pretty pumped about it.  it's a queen anne (i think) wingback chair and i'm going to reupholster it.  i've never upholstered, nor have i reupholstered anything, ever.  but i'm cheap..err, fiscally responsible.  and i can sew.  ish.  maybe i'll slipcover it.  i dunno.  it has great bones.  and i'm loving the cabriole legs. $30-  i paid too much, didn't i?...more
 @mcvick I think that is an excellent idea!more

same time next week

i'm really not sure what i'm supposed to do here.  i could read the instructions.  i could type with proper capitalization.  there's a lot i -could- do....more
Sounds like a pretty good start to me.more