On Time and Distance

I attended Alberta Ballet's production of "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" on Friday night.  It is a new ballet set to the music of Sarah McLachlan.  In my late teens I listened to a lot of Sarah.  The album "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" will always remind me of being 18 and 19.  I remember my mother wondering why I liked such depressing music (ironically, she loved the music in the ballet, and has no recollection of me even listening to it)....more

But I was so stubborn I wouldve done it anyways... In which case I would tell myself... In the ...more

Please Pass the Memories

Our family sits down for meals together every day.  At least supper.  Supper we always eat together.  Breakfast is tricky because we all leave at different times, but I usually eat with my kids, or I am at the table.  Granted I am on the computer then, but I am still present at the table.   And we always eat at the table.  It is something we have always done.  Mostly we started it because I my kids are super messy eaters, and we didn’t want it all over the house. But it has stuck....more

The Talk.

A few weeks ago, my daughter came up to me and handed me a note.  The note said she wanted to talk to me about something important.  She wanted to have sex with her boyfriend and wanted my help to get on the pill.  There was more about responsibility and being mature or something, but to be honnest, I didn't get past the sex part. First I went into my bedroom, shut the door, cried and yelled and had a bit of a panic attack.  Then I composed myself and asked her to come for a drive with me....more

That was a close call! But it's good that she was comfortable enough to opening the doors of ...more

101 Update

I haven’t written about it in a while, but I have been plugging away at my Day Zero Project. Here is an update of some recent completions: 24. Visit a waterfall. ...more

Breeding Compassion

  I, like most people around, have been rushing around like crazy getting ready for the holidays, neglecting a variety of things (including my blog).  I find it funny that often when I get busy and I am rushing around, life finds a way to slow me down and helps me regain my perspective. We set up our tree on the weekend.  As we finish putting on the last of the decoration, and the kids are sick of my nagging (“no, that doesn’t go so close to the other red one”), I grab myself a moment of silence to hang a special ornament on the tree.  The first ...more

'Tis the Season

It used to be standard fare.  Every year I would start stressing about Christmas in the middle of November reaching an apocalyptic peak around 11 pm on Christmas eve.  Give or take.  I come from a family where the holidays were very very important.  Tradition, is important.  My mom baked and wrapped immaculate presents, and had people over, and loved every minute of it. Or so I thought.  I realize now that she was likely hiding her Christmas meltdowns from me so that the magic of the holidays remained....more

My keeps asking me when I am going to clean them, and I was like... um, ...more

Why today is important

This week has been ridiculously busy, with the boy breaking his arm, and counselling and doctors appointments for the girl, and craziness at work!  My mind has been going a hundred miles an hour, in multiple directions.  Trying to keep me organized and making sure that I don’t drop any of the balls I have up in the air. Then this morning I came across a tweet that stopped me in my tracks.  Today is pregnancy and infancy loss remembrance day.  I froze.  And I thought of her.  And I k...more

An open letter to Dave Hancock, Alberta Minister of Education.

I have dealt with the education system and special needs funding from both sides, as a service provider and also as a parent.  I am scared, on both fronts, of the new “setting the direction initiative” proposed by the Alberta government.  From what I can put together from the website filled with “government-ese” and the interviews with Minister Hancock I have heard the plan looks something like this:...more

There are so many cutbacks that teachers are becoming over burdened with a handful of problems. ...more


In the last few weeks I have read a variety of posts and opinions on families with children with special needs.  Parents of these kids have an entirely different set of issues to deal with.  There is a sub-set of these families, of which I think mine belongs to, that seems to get lost and forgotten....more

Drawing a line is hard, when you don't know where to put it.

Parenting a teen is harder than I ever imagined.  So many days I phone my mom and apologize for the things I did. Parenting a teen with oppositional defiant disorder is even harder.  The most recent trial can be read here.Here is what I am having the biggest problem with. When do you let go? When do I just let her fall, because in my heart I know that is what is going to happen.  She will get physically hurt, on top of all the emotional hurt she already has. ...more