In Which I Go To A Movie Theatre

I am not being paid by Disney to do this review, but really I should be.Mr. DayInTheLife and I took two of our kids to see a movie last night....more

Didn't we do this already?

My kids are freaking me out.I was at a conference the other day and the speaker said that middle school students and preteens behave a lot like toddlers....more

I needed something else to do.

This is my brain on "serious." Did you see the new badge in my sidebar?...more

The Internet might be trying to break up with me.

Lately the Internet has been so passive aggressive.Usually I say to the Interwebs, LYLAS....more

I won a birthday, y'all!

So, it's my birthday....more

If I die, you guys can have my blog.

So, I've been fairly busy playing a doctor the past few weeks....more

Thanksgiving Edition (in which I flip the bird)

(photo credit:...more

Dear hackers: You're gonna to need to build a taller wall.

Someone once said (it may have been Jack Handey), "Your valleys will be as low as your mountains are high."...more

My first call from prison will be to you. Count on it.

It would be bad if a family member put an entire pack of gum through the washer and the dryer.But, it would be worse if you were in a hurry to get your girls to school when you discovered said incident had occurred and you had to rush out and couldn't quite manage damage control then.It would be bad if you didn't have time to attempt to clean the dryer, but you did have five seconds to quickly run the Vitamix so that it would be easier to clean later, but you didn't quite get the top on securely and the soapy/smoothie water sprayed all over your shirt.But, it would be worse if you didn't quite have the two minutes it took to change your shirt.It would be bad if while you were gone your dog (who recently developed a common? hankering for chewing gum) discovered that an entire pack of gum had gone through the laundry and there was still some scent of the gum on the clothes and so he decided to drag all the clothes out of the clothes basket searching for the clothes that still had particles of gum on them.But, it would be worse if he found the clothes with gummy bits on them and chewed them to a point so unrecognizable...more


Today there was a phone message in a cheery robotic voice on my answering machine (remember those?) that said (paraphrased), "Hi, Ms. Dayinthelife!...more