The Case Against Judgement

Last month, writer Hanna Rosin had the Internet alive with buzz about her article in the April issue of Atlantic Monthly, entitled, "The Case Against Breastfeeding." In it, she addresses one of the key issues in The Mommy Wars and wonders if breastfeeding is the 2009 equivalent of the vacuum cleaner, tying women to the house, keeping them from their careers, goals and equality with men. ...more

What Is It About The Word "Homemaker" That Sets My Teeth On Edge?

Last month, I served four days of jury duty, and one of the first things we had to do was check in and receive our day's payment. On the first day, the clerk verified my name and address, then asked about my occupation. "Are you at home?" he asked. ...more

Thyroid Got Me Down: How I Learned To Trust My Gut And Be An Advocate For My Health

Shortly after I started college, I went to the doctor complaining of overwhelming and unrelenting fatigue. All the tests she ran came back normal and she told me my tiredness was "just life" and that I needed to "sleep more." ...more

That Mom

Eavesdrop on any conversation between two moms or visit any online parenting forum and you're likely to hear references to a mysterious woman. She's called That Mom, and she is an ode to failure. We're all guilty of judging her. "Did you hear That Mom yelling at her kids in the store today?" "I can't believe That Mom didn't stop her kid from throwing sand at the park earlier." "I'm glad I'm not That Mom who lets her kids watch so much TV." ...more

Dinner In Ten

Recently, I posed a question to the members of an online forum I belong to. "You have ten minutes to get dinner on the table. What do you make?" Overwhelmingly, the answers were things like hot dogs or macaroni and cheese or canned soup. Things, in other words, that are quick but not necessarily healthy. ...more

When Did You Ditch The Stroller?

During a discussion with an online friend of mine, she mentioned that she gave her stroller away because she never used it. She lives in a neighborhood with no sidewalks and they have a large yard. They live far enough away from the stores they frequent that they have to drive, so her two kids ride in the carts or walk. And during their infrequent trips to the mall, she always ended up forgetting the stroller and renting one from the mall. ...more

Is Potty Training A Money Saver?

Last fall, my son potty trained and we switched the baby from formula to cow's milk within a couple of weeks. My husband breathed a sigh of relief and commented that by ditching both the diapers and the formula, we were saving a lot of money. ...more

Is Your Mom A Built-In Babysitter?

A friend of ours from college is getting married and we're invited to the wedding. The wedding is in London. John really wants to go, but we went back and forth about the cost of airfare for four people, the logistics of dealing with carseats on a plane, the vast amount of gear that we'd have to haul along and what to do with the kids during the actual wedding. ...more

California Law: Homeschool Is Bad

In January, Jen at Lords of the Manor blogged about the divide between homeschoolers and parents who send their children to public school. She received almost fifty thoughtful comments, and the general consensus was that there is no one perfect way to educate your children and that whichever route you choose, you need to be involved. ...more

The Education Of Grandma

A couple of weekends ago, I attended a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Sarai, who is having a baby boy in April. She got a lot of adorable stuff, the food was fabulous, and I learned three things. 1. It is virtually impossible to not say the word 'cute' while a mom-to-be opens her gifts. That was one of the games, and I'm embarrassed to say that I was eliminated almost immediately. (But not as quickly as my mom or my mother-in-law.) ...more