In the Mist of Mount Fuji

For those who know me well they’ll tell you that I’m an amazingly over prepared person; boy scouts got nothin’ on me – if I can’t MacGyver myself out of some situation or reach into any of my Mary Poppins-esque bags and materialize just what I need at that moment then chances are I didn’t really need it anyway. It was with this lifelong sense of absolute faith in my own abilities that I departed for Mount Fuji. I was ready to take on the mountain. ...more

I Witness the Giving of a Name

Every time that I climb into the taxis here in Kathmandu I give up the keeping of my soul to heaven, just in case, you know? This time was no different. We, that is to say, my two Chinese host brothers (Ben & Benio) and I, were on our way to a naming ceremony (more on this in a bit, honest). Our original plan, a leisurely – leisurely, ha!...more

I'm Headed to Kathmandu

To say that I had landed myself smack dab in the middle of the very essence of poverty would be the closest that I could come to describing my current surroundings. The road – or what I must call a road, despite the lack of asphalt, lanes, or traffic signals – was a deeply rutted stretch of muddy bog water; this littered with a complete assortment of plastic bags, rotting vegetables, paper flyers, and dog turds....more

Is it hot or is it just me? Nope, it's hot - Fevered observations thus far.

In only a few days I have made several observations - some more shocking than others - about Japan in a general sense. I'm trying to keep track of these revelations as they jumble through my heat stroked brain so please try to bear with me; I'm sure that at some point down the road I will be able to look back on this rather higglidy-pigglidy list and will then make it into a much more cohesive and less feverish rambling ::Give me a freakin' break here, people. It's 92 degrees outside and I don't have AC. My brain is literally melting::Ok, here goes:...more

Jetlag, Toilets, & Onsen. Oh My! Day 1 in Japan

                I generally don’t think that I suffer that much from excessive jetlag. I’ve done several transatlantic flights in my adult life and a few trips out to Hawaii have helped me establish my own tolerance levels. That does not mean in any way that I do not suffer from jetlag – unfortunately -, and with an 18 hour cross-America + transpacific  flight ahead of me I knew I was going to need a day or two to recoup my losses before I would be back up to full speed....more

Meeting Strangers While Naked - A True Test of Courage.

                I had been forewarned by my friend that the gender segregated sides of the JeJu Spa were nude required bathing areas; this little tidbit in and of itself didn’t alarm me in the slightest....more