wishing ill

We have a new family living in the neighbourhood. They are only a couple of houses away. They have a son just six months younger than Harry, a baby girl, and because they are a blended family, a seventeen year old son too.On the face of it, this should be great, because there aren't a huge number of young kids in the immediate area, and a mom my own age within spitting distance is a luxury I've never had....more

on why i need twitter

When Ron was just learning to crawl, I had a regular weekly playdate with a handful of other moms.Two I knew from high school. One was a friend of a friend. One was a cousin, I think. And one lived in my neighbourhood....more

did you hear the one about...

Listening to the table conversation of kids is alternately funny and horrifying.Marie, Arthur, and Ron are all taking an interminable time to eat their lunches today (we're creeping up on 45 minutes today with no end in sight). And why? Because Arthur lately has been claiming that he has nightmares every night, and he wants to share them. In excruciating detail and at great length....more


I had a couple of thought-provoking conversations on Twitter today, which was good, because just the presence of the NaBloPoMo widget in my sidebar made me lock up entirely, a frozen ball of writer's block. (The first day's prompt did me no good, either. "What do you like best about writing" sounds perilously close to "What I did on my summer vacation". But I digress)....more