Menu Plan of Dinners for the week of 5/16/11

It’s the middle of May, and my furnace just kicked on.  Although the flowers and tender asparagus shoots assure me that winter is over, I’m  not planning meals that go from grill to patio table yet!   But, I did grab the grocery circular and plan great dinners that fit into our budget, and a few that can be grilled if the weather changes....more

Wheat Free Wednesday - 5/11

{There is a cool WWI poster about a wheatless kitchen on my blog but I don't have it hosted} It used to be patriotic to eat wheat free meals!  Considering the effects that the flood waters in the US and Canada are having on the wheat crops, it makes sense to be able to plan meals that do not include wheat, even if you don’t have to.  But, for those that DO have to avoid wheat, especially the newly diagnosed, we try to keep it simple, interesting, and affordable.  ...more

Wheat Free Wednesday - 4/27

Today I’m thinking about barbecue and food allergies.  It’s not as straight forward as you might think.  Marinades that the meat soaks in for hours most likely contain some sort of gluten or casein.  Ditto for the sauce.  So…what can you do if you need to prepare a safe meal?  Cook from scratch, read labels (especially on hot dogs and smoked type sausages), and plan something that does not require bread.  I’m going to start with dinner, first today!...more

Menu Plan of Dinners for the week of 4/25/11

Happy Monday!  I think I’m on my last week of driving around between 5 and 6, then rushing home to get dinner on the table.  It’s stressful enough as it is – I cannot imagine doing this without meal planning.  Not only have I been searching for recipes based on time, but I’ve been doing as much as possible in advance so that things are ready to be put in the pan or just re-heated; my family is ravenous by 7:00!...more

Wheat Free Wednesday - 4/13

Yes...I's not Wednesday anymore. Rebound migraines - need I say more?? I hope you all had a wonderfully warm Wednesday!  Since we have not seen snow here for over a week, I’m officially changing my diet to warm weather foods.  If you want to infer that because of the warm weather I’ve decided to be a little more aggressive with the weight loss settings in my meal planning, so be it…   ...more

Menu Plan of Dinners for the week ok 4/11/11

**If you're reading this on Monday, April 11, you can go to, choose Ann Arbor, and get a 2 for 1 meal planning deal! The next 4 weeks of my life are going to be insane right at dinner time.  The boys need transportation to various venues between the hours of 4 and 6.  So, in addition to trying to keep meals interesting, low cost, and diet friendly, I need to make them easy and fast. ...more

Wheat Free Wednesday - 4/6

Happy Wednesday everyone! ...more

Menu Plan of Dinners for the week of 2/14/11

Happy Valentine’s Day!  It’s “warm” and sunny here in Ann Arbor, but we’re still battling the flu.  Nothing says love right now like soft tissues and Gatorade!  For those family members who CAN eat, The meal plan includes… Italian Sausage and Penne with a BLT Salad.  I didn’t use the sausage last week – so I can put together this dinner and not have to go grocery shopping until back-up arrives.  I had something else planned, but I pushed it forward a week.  The new planner will let you do that – it’s so cool! ...more

Menu Plan of Dinners for the week of 1/24/11

Don't you love how you finish your meal plan , go shopping, and THEN the kids come up with a list of requests? I've pended all of their requests until next week, this week they're eating what I put in front of them ! With things like Barbecue Meatloaf, Beef Souvlaki, and Pork Roast with Carribean Jerk Spices...I think they'll be fine.   Marianne at Mealmixer ...more

Chocolate Lava Cakes

This was the last thing I ate in 2010: ...more