Recognize Fellow Bloggers with Blog Popz

The newest edition of Blog Popz celebrates the upcoming season and the blogs you love. Bloggers, give Popz, virtual lollipops you can obtain from one of five authorized candy stores, to recognize your colleagues. Say, "Yours is on of my favorite blogs," or "Your blog is cute" and more. Fantastic prizes for the biggest popper and the winning blogs in each category makes giving ...more

Helping Beginning Bloggers & Why Women Are Our Own Worst Enemy

As I approach my blog's one year anniversary, I am spending some time this morning organizing my contacts and Google docs to reflect the changing nature of my blog.   Digging back into the archives, I came across an email from another "mom blogger" whom I contacted not long after getting started about a link exchange possibility.  Having read this blog for months and getting the courage to contact the two ladies who run it (they were one of the first I personally contacted about my blog at the time,) I received a rather pointed "No thanks" having sited "your not ...more

This is every bloggers #1 concern i think so you're in good company. I am constantly looking ...more

New Mom Blogger, Cool Baby Kid

Though I registered with BlogHer when I first began to blog, I'm finally getting around the navigating the site and wanted to say "hello".  I am a mom of two (21 and 1 months) and a teacher on maternity. With my time off I've been blogging (during naptime anyway).  My blog is Cool Baby Kid which offers picks and tips for moms, babies and kids.  Thanks for checking it out! ...more

Too funny...that would be fasinating! I figure as the kids grow the blog will evolve with their ...more