I Can’t Help Myself Friday. The State of the Union.

So this past week Meg and Leo celebrated a full year in Texas, and the POTUS delivered his traditional State of the Union address. Meg thought it would be a fun exercise to compare and contrast the President’s speech with her year, kind of like you had to do in AP High School English class! Shall we begin? ...more

Stand Up Straight!

Remember when you were a kid sitting in church, or at a nice restaurant with relatives and your Mom would nudge you and say: For God’s sake, sit up straight! And you know that’s still in your head even to this day, right? Every time Meg tries on clothes, she had to remind herself to stand up straight, tuck her pelvic muscles in and walk with authority ....more

Potpourri for $300.

As you know when Meg has a lot of random thoughts, she pulls out her Jeopardy card and calls her blog posts “Potpourri”. The stakes aren’t high, but read on for a few laughs. Without further haste, let’s begin: **************** I’m on a cleanse this week kids! ...more

Doing What We Do Best…

That was the jingle refrain from one of American Airlines most famous marketing campaigns: “We’re American Airlines, doing what we do best!” Meg did an incredible amount of traveling during the holidays, racking up 20 days away from home between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Rather than bore you with a travelogue, Meg decided to explore the good old days of airline travel, when airline personnel were actually nice to passengers. Remember when the airlines advertised on TV extensively? ...more

Where I’m Arrested for Blog Abandonment!

Meg has NOT abandoned her blog, as much as it looks like it lately! For the past month she has spent time in New Hampshire, Boston, New York City, and gathering 60 gifts for teenagers at a local orphanage in Texas. Whew! ...more

Check It Out!

A recent study showed that women often checked out other women. Not the way men check out women, though. This more more a “fashion” checkout ....more

Where Meg Shows Her Christmas Spirit.

Or should she say “spirits”? Meg needed a couple of spirits (aka, vodka and soda) after acting as a Christmas angel this week. Let’s just say her wings are intact, as well as her spunk ....more

Where I Visited A Place in Texas, But Not Really.

And that place would be the state capital, Austin! Last weekend Meg and her husband bolted the burbs and headed south to Austin. It was their first rodeo (ha! ...more

How To Create Your Own Season.

Right now it’s mid October; the temperature is warm, Meg can still sit out by the pool and read in the sun. It’s pretty nice to be able to throw on a pair of shorts and walk the dog around the lake. Planting season is still in full swing, and Meg is still attempting Texas gardening, no easy task ....more


Do you remember the first Halloween costume you ever wore? Well, this week, Mama Kat has asked us to share a favorite Halloween outfit and the story behind it. When Meg went to grade school in the olden days, the powers that be let you have Halloween parties ....more