Ideally This Post Would End With An Assembly Line Zebra Joke

Today, while scooping ice, I was thinking about the morality of purchasing clothing made in sweatshops. (‘Cause no drink is complete without ice.) (And because sweatshops are bad.) (To fully explain all parts of my initial actions.) ‘Cause I recently had a discussion with Lindsey and Skye about how I am obviously oppossed to the horrible opression of people, especially when they’re being exploited so I can have a cheap t-shirt with a multicolored zebra on it. (Unrelated, that image comes to via my childhood love of the Fruit Stripe mascot, which almost made up for the fact that Fruit Stripe gum retained its flavor for roughly .47 seconds.) And I was thinking about how I should probably look into where my clothes come from and limit my purchasing accordingly ....more

I Need Friends Who Don’t Mock My Perfect Murder Dreams

Last night I dreamed I was in a store and came across a Jessica Fletcher version of Clue. And then I had a huge debate with myself over purchasing said most-amazing-thing-ever, as I feared someone would have already bought it for me. I woke up this morning to a world with no Lansbury-esque board games ....more

I Might Need Some Kind of Ice Cream Rehab

Last weekend, I watched Die Hard for the first time. (My adoration of Alan Rickman continues.) ...more

Skye’s Brute Strength Takes Down Yet Another Victim

One afternoon, while we were seniors in high school, Skye tried to get into her mom’s car ....more

Awkward Glimpses of The Now

I have spent some time working on my 2012 Project Life album ....more

I Flashed My Work and It’s Underwear’s Fault

Accidentally exposing myself never gets any easier ....more

Gathering Strength To Share the Most Embarrassing South African Tales

Home again, home again. Yes, I officially survived South Africa, though the terrible state of Internet connection did leave me with some lingering anxiety ....more

What’s the Classiest Way to Brush Poop Off A Lap? (An Awkward Query)

I’d never been pooped on before. At least, not that I remember. ...more