Gift-Giving Tips From a Gift-Giving Contrarian

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become a gift-giving contrarian. Christmas-time, birthday-time, anniversary-time -- it doesn't matter. I don’t buy into the hype, I don’t buy into the guilt, and many times, I just don’t buy. So, just in time for Christmas, I’m here to give you the benefit of my contrarian notions about how not to make yourself nuts over gift giving. ...more
@carrien There's no better time than Christmas to get kids thinking about the needs of others ...more

What Hofstra University Students Are Saying About the Debate

The second debate between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney at Hofstra University had everything the first debate didn’t have: an actively engaged Obama, a feisty, in-your-face Romney, and a moderator in CNN’s Candy Crowley who didn’t take any crap and fact checked the candidates on the spot.It was exciting stuff.   ...more

Showtime's "Homeland" Returns with Gripping Spy Drama (Spoilers)

Homeland is the spy show to end all spy shows. And since I love, love, love a good spy show, I had last night's Homeland second season premiere circled on my calendar. Only Game of Thrones' return last spring had me as excited.courtesy of Showtime...more
I’m totally with you – I’ve had Homeland’s premiere on my calendar for WEEKS. The sad thing is ...more

10 Essential Tips for Newbies Going to the US Open

Today is the first day of the US Open tennis tournament in New York and if you’re a diehard tennis fan like me, you’re psyched.  It’s the final grand slam of the year and for the next two weeks it takes place at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, Queens....more

How to Remove Personal Info From Google Searches

Recently I discovered that my name, address and phone number were coming up in Google searches of my name, without my knowledge. It took me a couple of hours of searching, reading, testing and more testing to have that personal information removed. If you've had the same thing happen to you, listen up because I'm about to share my valuable, Yoda-like knowledge with you....more
Hi Christal, I have published an article about robots.txt file. Here is the ...more

Mitt Romney Speaks to the NAACP: Media and Romney Miss the Point

On Wednesday, presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney spoke to the 103rd NAACP convention in Houston, Texas....more
 @Jill Miller Zimon Yeah I know.  I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and say to ...more

An Open Letter to Tom Cruise from Oprah's Sofa, er...Settee

Dear Tom,I'm so sad to hear the news that you and Katie Holmes are breaking up. It feels like just yesterday when you stomped your pricey Brionis all over my buttery soft cushions. Never had a chance to tell you this before, but that hurt!...more
 @Deb Rox It was either that or tush toting.more

"Game of Thrones" Ends With a Punch-in-the-Gut Finale (Spoilers!!)

The iconic shot from last season's Game of Thrones finale was of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) rising from the ashes with her baby dragons perched on her naked body. It was a punch-in-the-gut visual that would be hard for any TV show to top....more
@natalied6579 Thanks for the info Natalie. I knew the books weren't finished yet. As far as ...more

Oscar Movies That Would Have Been Better with Female Leads

The Academy Awards are on Sunday and while we’re all wondering if Viola Davis and The Help or George Clooney and The Descendants will take home big prizes, the approach of Oscar night got me to thinking about the need for more leading roles for women in big movies....more
You know, I actually thought about "Chariots of Fire" but didn't use it because I thought it ...more

Emerge! Fashion Show Honors Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley as Part of New York's Fashion Week

There's nothing like Fashion Week in New York and getting the chance to see designs from veteran couturiers or up and coming fashion mavens. This week, my girlfriend Judy and I got all dolled up and strutted our own stuff to the Broad Street Ballroom downtown and the Emerge! Fashion Show...more