Are YOU a Terrorist?

A terrorist, with all fancy wording aside, is someone who imposes terrorism.  Once again, I'm enlisting the assistance of my friends over at Merriam-Webster's website to paint this picture.  Terrorism is defined as "the systematic use of terror, especially as a means of coercion."  Terror, my friends, refers to a "state of intense fear." ...more

Bin Laden's Dead. Now What?

I will start by saying that I was ashamed to see several of my fellow Americans posting racial slurs regarding the death of Mr. bin Laden.  Things along the lines of, "Are they sure they have the right guy?  They all look the same over there!"  Seriously?!  Where is your tact, your respect, your education?  The man was not the poster child for Arabs.  He just happened to be one of them.  That gives you no right to say what you have said.  Completely uncalled for....more