What’s Current: Why protect accused rapists with anonymity?

Wealthy white man receives Internet death threats over show about cars. Best of UK police force immediately stops what they’re doing to protect him and investigate perpetrators. Eight-year-old Yemini child dies of internal injuries on wedding night at the hands of 40-year-old husband ....more

What’s Current: Instagram loves your bod so long as it’s sexxxxy

The Block Bot is dangerous, damaging, and definitely not a joke. – Victoria Brownworth Men are too emotional to fly planes. Colombian Report on US Military’s child rapes not newsworthy to US news outlets ....more

Lessons from Brazil: Getting naked doesn’t help women

In Brazil, Carnaval has just wrapped up for another year. I was in the country for the month of Carnaval, mostly because it’s my partner’s homeland. But even with Carnaval in full swing, it was easy enough to disregard the pomp and fanfare and jiggling butts that flanked every TV screen ....more

What’s Current: Kate Smurthwaite explains the real-life impact of trolling

In the UK, men pay only 15 per cent of government funds. Women pay the rest. Men are triggered by mean feminists who critique their right to buy sex ....more

On Gloria Steinem’s birthday, let’s be reminded of one another’s humanity

Gloria Steinem turns 81 today and much has changed since her early days in the movement. As she points out, before the the second wave, people assumed differences between men and women were innate and unchangeable and, therefore, that gender roles were biological as opposed to learned. We now know that inequality isn’t “natural,” which is “a huge change,” she says ....more

What’s Current: Women in Chile can be arrested if suspected of having an abortion

Congolese hospital sees rise in rape of girls as young as 18 months. Photograph: Ivan Alvarado/Reuters Chile abortion arrest: sick woman is reported to police after going to hospital. In Turkey, not even posters of women are safe from male violence ....more

On being a feminist killjoy

This speech was made by Dr. Meagan Tyler on March 25, 2015, in Melbourne, Australia at the launch of Freedom Fallacy: The Limits of Liberal Feminism. “I’m a feminist, not the fun kind.” - Andrea Dworkin As is customary at a launch, I’ll start with a list of people to thank ....more

What’s Current: New book looks at the limits of liberal feminism

Our own Meghan Murphy wrote a chapter on choice feminism for a hot new feminist book! The ever-insightful Laura McNally and Natalie Jovanovski contributed chapters to the book as well, which was edited by Meagan Tyler and Miranda Kiraly. Check out Freedom Fallacy: The Limits of Liberal Feminism ....more

What’s Current: Number of prostituted people doubled in Germany after decriminalization

An open letter to Richard Gere on Pretty Woman’s 25th anniversary. Irish woman describes her experiences in prostitution: “We were like ragdolls…just objects to be passed around. I looked at my friend and I couldn’t protect her.” Rebecca Mott: “To be called SWERF by the sex trade lobby is a back-handed compliment – for that ridiculous word shows a fear of the power of the exited to speak truth to power, and to force real revolution and gain full human rights for all the prostituted.” Two years after Germany decriminalized prostitution, the number of prostitutes doubled from 200,000 to 400,000, with the majority being trafficked ....more

PODCAST: Counting dead women & the Femicide Census

Karen Ingala Smith began counting Britain’s murdered women, putting their names on her own blog back in 2012. There were 126 women killed through male violence that year, 143 in 2013 and 150 in 2014. Last month, she launched the Femicide Census, which profiles women killed by men ....more