Cinderella Didn't Eat My Daughter, My Daughter Ate Cinderella

  Remember a few years back when the big rage on Facebook was to post "25 Things About Me"?  Well my #13 was: 13. I am totally intimidated by my 6 yr old daughter....more

She is pretty awesome, lol.

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Youth Sports: Team Commitment or The Weekend Sampler?

As a hockey mom I am accustomed to my kids being totally commited to a team, a sport, a lifestyle.  We plan our vacations around hockey...well most of our vacations are to hockey tournaments, but we plan our other social engagements around hockey anyway. We really don't consider other winter activities.  We dream about ski trips but rarely pull them off, and we are too tired and broke to go even if we had a free weekend.  This is what youth sports  are to me from September thru March.   Then along comes April, and spring sports, and the h...more