Chef Me

Why do we dress our poultry in  fetish suits?I made my turkey breast! Yay! It took a lot longer than the TV chef had said, her's was smaller I guess, while mine was I'm thinking, much more culinary than hers. I know this because I had to remove all these yucky turkey parts, and she didn't. I think they involved turkey procreation and  I think some where on its little fetish suit should have come with some sort of warning label mentioning those....more


In honor of it being winter, I thought it would be a good time to try a chowder recipe I found last summer, it was too warm then to make it but its perfect now.Grandpa Thrills Fish Chowder ...more

How to carve a watermelon like a Jack'O Lantern

Just in time for Halloween!First, get a watermelon, in October. The watermelon should be ripe,  but not <i>too</i> ripe because the riper your melon the thinner the rind, if the rind is too thick and carving will be a nightmare, too thin and it will collapse. You will need- a watermelon, size is up to you....more
yiffdeer That's cool, my family and I love watermelon!more

Walking the dog

Much less drama on today's walk, we didn't walk the same walk as yesterday either,  it probably helped that I changed my route and avoided those posers on New Bern. I had been avoiding my own neighborhood  for months because of the presences of dogs, more specifically, unleashed dogs, my new paranoia....more

How to make watermelon BBQ sauce

First, find a recipe , one that isn't this one <i>unless</i> prefer sweet, ultra mild BBQ sauce that without intersession would double nicely as a marinade or an aperitif. Otherwise, do more research on common recipes and see about adding watermelon to them.Anyway....more

The Family Watermelon

I harvested Mama melon over the weekend, so its just Dad and the kids left. They are all doing wellish. Daddy watermelon....more


Boom chicka wah wah! I have a lot of peppers. A Lot. I have frozen, I have refrigerated, I have on the vine....more


And so I'm bringing out stuff to take on vacation, counting out t-shirts, trying to learn weather divination to better decide if I should bring a sweater with me our sweaterS with me. If I bring only warm weather clothes it all but guarantees four days of forty-five degrees and gail force winds, as we have had in the last two years but if I come outfitted to climb K2, it will be ninety and stagnant the whole time....more


What a great weekend. No jobs! No projects! I didn't do anything I didn't feel like doing. It rained( thank you baby Jesus!)  so I didn't feel obligated to do anything sweaty outside. Fortunately for the people at work, I felt like doing laundry and taking a shower because otherwise, I watched TV and played in the garden and watched some more TV....more

Just peachy

I love the summer. Not the heat, not the humidity, I love summer because summer means peaches and I am popping peaches like breath mints. I might be developing a peach problem, I know my favorite peach guy at the farmers market thinks I'm stalking him. That is his problem. I am stalking his cheap, cheap peaches that I buy in bulk and eat like candy....more