False Alarms: Negative Comments and Deleted Posts

The first comment (all were "anonymous") said that I obviously had such little regard for my students that I was clearly an unfit teacher. One wrote that my "reductionist view on society" clearly indicated I was a "raging lunatic." Another said it was obvious I was the worst teacher who ever existed. One simply said: "I'm a graphic designer. I work hard." (He might not have actually read the entire post.) One said that all God's children are different and unique and cannot be classified in seven simple categories. And another said it was apparent that I had no conscience if I was willing to throw my students under the bus to promote my worthless writing. These hit me so hard, I threw up. In my hand. ...more
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Hairy McTalksalot & the First Bikini Wax

The amount of time women must spend in awkward positions at the mercy of other women, just for aesthetics and relaxation, is mind-boggling. Head full of foil in front of the hair stylist. Lying naked in front of the masseuse. Feet in the hands of a kneeling pedicurist. Boldly without makeup in front of the facialist. And, like today, spread-eagle wearing a paper thong in front of an aesthetician holding a tongue depressor covered in boiling hot wax.  ...more
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My Husband Isn't a Hoarder, He's Just Sentimental

In the sixth grade, when I first made the switch from glasses to contacts, I struggled to remember to take them out at night. I'd wake up each morning thinking I was cured. My eye doctor reprimanded me constantly. To try and help, he switched me from regular contacts to the daily disposable kind when I went off to college. At the end of every night it was truly exhilarating to just pull them out of my eyes and throw them in the trash. No contact solution. No unscrewing the tiny contact case cap. No cleaning. Just extract and toss....more
@whatacrock Thank you! Your story was humbling. But I'm glad that no matter the circumstances ...more