Slowing Down for Family Time During the Holidays ~ My Family Tradition

I wanted to be sure to show you this super cute gingerbread village my family made for the holidays.It was very easy to do…I just bought the box for under id="mce_marker"0 at Target. It had five pieces so it was perfect for my family....more

When I Grow Up...

So The Boy has been having a rough time with the fact that his very best friend in the whole world is moving…his mommy is having a hard time with that fact too, but putting on the “Brave Best-Friend Face” so that A-Train will not have to deal with me freaking out on top of moving.Anywho…He has decided the whole messy move is Mr. A-Train’s fault for wanting to move closer to the big city. Closer to work.So, that being the case, he informed me that he knows what he wants to be when he grows up.It went something like this:...more

Houdini has nothing on The Boy and his DS

This is a silver Nintendo DS....more

Men's Necktie Refashion...It's a Bracelet!

I was recently given a large box of my grandfather’s neckties. They are vintage and really fun.I, sadly, do not wear neckties. But, I wanted to do something cool with them and keep a piece of my Papa close.So I made these:...more

Mod Podge and Glitter Christmas Ornament

I want to show you this sweet little ornament I made. It was inspired by one I saw on Pinterest; however, being that I’m me, I can’t find it now. Isn’t that the point of that website? To be able to pin and find what you are looking for? It’s probably right under my nose…anywho…here is is:...more

Legos and Lightbulbs

There once were two best friends. They played together all the time. The loved Legos, and built with them whenever they had the chance.We’ll call them “The Boy” and “His Friend”.One day, when playing with their Legos, two bricks became stuck together. Really, really stuck.So, “His Friend” thought it would be a good idea to put the Legos in his mouth to pry them apart. (We’ve all done it…and just like us, “His Friend” found out that prying Legos with your teeth doesn’t work very well.)Now “The Boy” and “His Friend” had wet and stuck Legos. Bummer....more
LOL! I love how they are in cahoots together!more

All I want for Christmas is a nap.

I hate to say it, but I am one of those people who “makes it through” the holidays.sourceFor my children’s sake, I decorate. I bake. I buy gifts. I eat and drink (and drink) and try to be merry....more
@megness72 LOL! I am a bear in the winter I would much rather hibernate the whole season.more