Adults can be Bullies too, Mom

With all of this talk about bullying in schools and protecting our children – I thought I would point something out that happens in everyday life that we should be aware of as well:It’s not just children β€” Adults can be bullies too. Especially women. And Especially Moms.I almost stopped blogging because of it. Hell, I almost disowned the human race because of it – and still, to this day, I get bullied and see others doing it way past their adolescent years and I have to wonder:...more

Muffins and the Power of Social Media

Usually, I'm not a complainer. I'm not an internet bully, and I'm not usually the starter of things.But when it comes to my (husband's) hard earned money - do NOT mess with me. If you take even a penny from me, I get all mama bear on people, and I'm not afraid to do whatever I can to get it back. That's food. That's diapers. That's mortgage. Give me my damn penny back.So, when after going to our local muffin place for Blueberry Muffins (Logan's FAVORITE) and coming home with this: ...more

New Mom: Expectations