2 Months!

2 months! My baby girls, You are TWO MONTHS old! You are getting so big, so strong, so entertaining, and so beyond amazing....more

busy busy busy

I can't believe I have not blogged in 2 weeks. Life is flyyying by. At other times in my life, I have felt like the days were flying by - when I would be going from work, to a happy hour that lasted until midnight and then repeat it all again the next day. Or busy going from work to grad school to home where I would have to walk to dog and prep for the next day. Well, that WAS busy. Now (just like being tired) I AM BUSY!...more


Hey all!This past Sunday marks the 20th week of pregnancy! YAY! Our lil ones are the size of bananas this week and my waist is the size of an over-inflated basketball. So wonderful :)Thursday we have our 20 week u/s and anatomy scan which will be a 2 hour-ish u/s which I am psyched for obvi because I get to see our bambinos for a few hours....more


Spring. I loathe you. Always have. Always will.Tulips and bunny rabbits and allergies and day light savings and 80 degree days paired with freezing nights - WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO WEAR??!!side note - the ONLY good side to Spring is Rita's opening for the season - obvi. anywho - this is my least fav season out of the 4. ...more


A few semesters back, I was fortunate enough to work on a project that centered around gender identity in schools. Specifically looking at the early elementary years, how to arrange your classroom centers in a non-gender biased manner. How can I as a teacher stress that it is encouraged and acceptable for boys to play in the kitchen area just as girls can play with the trucks? Not an easy this to accomplish! ...more