Roll Tide

We were some lucky fools this past weekend.  Tickets to an ALABAMA home game.  Mom, the boys and me….all loaded up for some ROLL TIDE.I love football — we all love football.  Love. Some. Football.I’ve never in my life seen so many fans.  I’ve never in my life seen so many people dressed in school colors.  I’ve never in my life seen that many people cheering together.ROLL TIDE....more


Mom, where’s my football?Mom, can I have a conversion van?Mom, can I take Auzzie to school?Mom, I want pizza.Mom, can we trade for a Camaro?Mom, I would watch YouTube for DAYS.Mom, there’s no WAY I’m wearing THAT shirt.Mom, can you PLEASE come have lunch with me at school?Mom, I wish we had a money tree.Mom, if you are working at home, can’t you just let us do school from home?Mom, it’s a short week, can we stay with you today?Mom, did you know the Boeing factory is HUGE and I want to visit?...more

One Year

One year today.  I lost my daddy.  To cancer.One whole year.How did that happen?  It seems like last week, some days.  Last week.Others?  A million years.  So much can happen in one year....more


I’ve been quiet lately, on my blog.  I couldn’t write what I REALLY want to write.  It might just cause spontaneous combustion of people’s eyes.  My “Lifetime Movie” life.But then…there was a moment.  Monday of this week.A solidary, single moment.  A second, really.Of clarity.It all melted away.  The angst.  The worry.  The anger.  The anything.I got it.I GET it....more

Morning Glories

I was stopped in traffic.  Shocking, I know.In a drainage ditch, a patch of beautiful morning glories.  Right there…..8 blooms.  All open.  In a nasty rain run-off ditch on I-65 South.Flourishing.I smiled.  Yep, I did.  Those beautiful flowers opened wide on a nice cool morning.  Reaching for the sun.  Happy flowers....more


 I had a big ole talk with myself in the middle of the night.Yep…myself.Now, don’t say “holy smack, she’s flipped off the edge for SURE on this one!”.  Work with me…....more

My Children

It’s be a difficult year, as you all know.  Not feeling nostalgic on that right now.But you know what?  Some of my greatest laughter and humor comes from those Gingers.Those boys that:...more

I was on a break

A surgery break.  Damn knee.  Got it all cut up and corrected.  Healing time.Still divorcing.  Still trying to figure out HOW to finish this divorce.  Move on….be done.I think there are some misconceptions — no, I don’t want to fix it.  I think I addressed that in another blog.  There’s nothing to fix.  Nowhere to go but forward.  Alone....more

Open Letter

Open LetterI was on vacation last week.  It was amazing.  Nice week away.  At the beach.  With my family.  With my boys.Time to think.  Time to be away from the mess.  Time to reflect.Reflecting on 16 years of marriage.  26 years of friendship....more


I was thinking about this divorce driving to work.I’m entangled.Only way to describe it.Entangled.Finances House Vehicles Insurance Kids on and on and onA large knot of entanglement.  All balled up.  In a mess.  A complete and utter mess....more
KathieyKathiey  It is hard...and he is lying like a dog on all the documents for court.  I lost ...more