Connor's Misson Call

Last Monday he came home from school to find...more

Big Day

Coleman was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society last week....more

Where in the world Will Connor Go?

Guess what?...more

St Patricks Day Celebrations

As always we thoroughly enjoyed St Patricks Day at the Christensen Home....more

Happy Monday

We had a solid week of gray skies and rain last week so you can imagine how a glorious blue sky and sunshine is appreciated...more


My goodness time is flying by!...more

To Run

Last year I joined a little tiny gym close to my house and it was great for awhile, but I need a change and more importantly a challenge....more

Winter in the South

This winter has been so mild so far here in Tennessee. Most days, my boys come down in shorts that they have dug back out of the bottom drawer of summer clothes:)...more

Luncheon with my Girls

I am so thankful to serve in the Young Women's organization at church....more

Time Once Again For

Season is not underway!...more