If you would like to read a summary of different rice facts, please go to http://www.producersrice.com/rice/facts.html.Just a quick blurb: Rice represents 20 percent of the world's per capita caloric consumption. More than 50 percent of the world's population is dependent upon rice for 80 percent of its diet....more

How to Make Stir Fry

I cooked yesterday but didn't post the recipe.  I was playing Game of Thrones RPG with some friends and didn't have time for blogging.  Go ahead, say it.  GEEK ALERT!!!  Doggon right.  :)Anyway, on to what was for dinner.  I made stir-fry.  Stir-fry is one of those "use whatever you have" techniques.  Don't worry about the specifics of what you have.  Just concentrate on the technique.  Stir-fry has three components:...more

Candied Citrus Peel

If you would like to make candy from something you would otherwise throw away, you might like to try making candied citrus peel.  After all, you normally toss or compost peels.  This way, they become a nice candy or cake decorating item.Keep in mind that it may be best to use organic or home-grown fruit.  After all, the poison residue from conventional fruit will be in your final prodcut.This is more of a technique than a recipe.  I have tried both with and without the pith.  (That is, the white inner part of the peel.) ...more

Citrus from home, #2

Another batch of candied citrus peel is drying.  My first batch of marmelade is setting up.  About time for yours truely to get some shut-eye....more

Citrus from home, #1

I felt better after taking some medicine for my migraine and a nap.  I started working on some of the citrus that I brought back from visiting family in Central Florida.The fruit came from the yards of my brothers' homes.  Tangerines and grapefruit from one yard; lemons and honeybells from another.  Also some oranges from an abandoned lot.I began processing the lemons this evening.  I juiced quite a few and started cleaning the peel for candied lemon peel.  I will relate a full recipe after I have made a batch or two and know what I'm doing....more

Feeding Children Everywhere

I had a migraine this afternoon and spent much of it in bed.  As a result dinner was rather subdued.  I used the mix supplied by Feeding Children Everywhere (http://www.feedingchildreneverywhere.com/the-meal/) to make Lentils and Rice for dinner.  Pretty easy, especially if you own a rice cooker.  Put the mix in the cooker, add 6 cups water, and when the lever pops up dinner is ready.I fleshed out dinner with a steamed vegetable medly:...more
We are glad you enjoyed the meal, Melanie! Thank you for posting your recipe and how much you ...more

Beiterbrott (Spent Grain Bread)

I was trying to type a blog entry Monday and must have hit the touch-pad on the netbook.  Sigh.  Ten minutes of typing lost.  So today I am typing my entry in a text editor using a plugged-in, full sized keyboard.I´m not cooking at the moment.  I am visiting with family.  I think I will take this opportunity to type up the bread recipe I have been using for spent grain....more

Penne with Red Sauce

Dinner was another example of making good use of stuff from the food bank.  Here's a cool thing about the tomatoes - I canned them myself.  A few months ago the distribution was giving out full boxes of Roma tomatoes.  I cooked quite a bit, but also took a good portion and canned them.  I filled a jar with tomatoes and added a clove of garlic and a fresh basil leaf....more

Chicken Vegetable Soup with Pasta

Dinner tonight was Chicken Noodle Soup.  The following is not an exact recipie, I'm afraid.  The idea was to use as much of the free stuff I had as possible.  Anything marked with an astrix (*) was from the food bank. Important thing to note about using freebies: learn to think technique, not recipies.  If you learn basic techniques and are not afraid to be creative, no matter what you have you can eat well.  Broth: 2 Large chicken breasts, bone in * Parsnip Carrot ...more